Letter: The Director of GIS was obviously provoked but “both men should be scolded for acting immature”

Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor: Picture this. You’re socializing. On your own time and in your chosen space. You’re out having drinks on a particular night with your family and friends.

The topic of discussion. A multitude of topics, actually. Among the topics, that you do not like the ways of your own natives. Is that particular topic taboo to speak about? Is it wrong for any St. Lucian to criticize his or her own people?

Of course not. I hear St. Lucians bashing Allen Chastanet in public all the time. I hear St. Lucians bashing Kenny Anthony in public all the time. And both are St. Lucian nationals.

It was not illegal for the Director of Government Information Service (GIS) Clement Wulf-Soulage to criticize St. Lucians – if that was in fact what he was doing.

St. Lucians criticize each other all the time, so stop being hypocrites. Yes, it would have looked bad if the alleged criticisms were coming from a non-local. However, we live in a democracy and at the end of the day, we can say whatever we want so as long as it falls within the law.

Now, to get to the point: a video which has been going around, in which the Director of GIS and a well-known journalist, now working for St. Jude Hospital’s public relations department, appear to have differences.

Admittedly, the GIS official uttered expletives and he attempted to attack the person holding the camera, whom we presume is the St. Jude PR rep.

Review the video from the beginning, particularly the first 20 seconds. What does it tell you?

Well it tells me that 1. The GIS director apparently had previous communication with the person holding the camera 2. The GIS director is being provoked 3. The GIS director has obviously lost his cool and has had enough of the provocation 4. He lost his temper 5. It is a possibility he may have had a few drinks prior.

My conclusion is that the person holding the camera had no right to invade Mr. Wulf-Soulage’s space. The man was on his own time and space. He was not at work. He was not at a press conference. He was not a public event. He was liming, taking time out to socialize with his people.

Obviously, the camera person was not pleased with what he overheard. But then again he should have been minding his own business. That did not give him the right to approach the director in the manner in which he did.

And to make matters worse he began recording the proceedings.

The cameraman is deemed to be a professional. He knows the rules. That was an ambush. That was unprofessional.

Did he ask the director nicely for an interview? Why did he start recording without getting proper permission?

I would like to see this St. Jude PRO do the same thing with other government officials, and then report back to us how it all went down.

I would advise the police that if anyone should be arrested, that the cameraman should be included, for harassment.

Both should be locked up in this case. That was provocation, obvious provocation. Troublesome.

I would also advise the police to not waste its limited precious resources on foolishness. This was childish, petty, and troublesome.

Both men should be scolded for acting immature, not just one.

I rest my case.

– T.M.P


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  1. I agree 100% the guy who was video taping the incident should have been arrested he provoked this incident in the worst way ever..this provocation seems to be very political in my sense what gave the journalist the rite to invade the man's space.
    if was on duty in soufiere that night this journalist would've gotten arrested by me with two hard slapps to know himself..everybody has the rite to socialize wherever they feel like in their own privacy weither with family colleagues or friends..this matter got out of control pretty quickly..professional journalism has it's place with manners.

  2. 'A public figure like Wolf should be on his best behaviour at all times. If anyone is unprofessional it's him. This man is a poor excuse for a PR man. I would like to know which cretin gave this nincompoop the current position that he now occupies at the GIS. Such behaviour is unacceptable and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. If Wolf had any common sense he should have known that in this modern media era almost everything that you do in public goes viral - Nothing goes unnoticed. '

    I saw the video. I cannot applaud Mr Wolf's behavior but I understand the feelings behind it. It reeks of mischief that extends beyond just the 'happening' that was portrayed to us. He should be able to sit and relax and share his opinions with his family in private discussion without being provoked with the above statement used to justify it. Pure nonsense! Everything goes public these days, but that does not make this sort of calculated intrusion right.

    Whoever recorded this had an agenda and probably has something against the man, and his job before that day. They sought the opportunity to provoke him and he fell into the trap.

    But what goes around... Will come right back.

    • Anonymous Concerned

      I does not matter what position you hold in society, we all are human being, we all have tempers, no one is perfect, not even Jesus Christ was. How possible is it for someone to always be on their best behaviour?...smh. The journalist was wrong and like you said this was political, he is a strong SLP supporter, I know him personally. He should have never invaded the man's privacy. He needs to be arrested just like Mickey

  3. Something Smells of Sh.....!

  4. I am of the opinion that if the cameraman gives us the full video of the encounter our views of this scenario will be different. I believe that despite being a public figure, anyone can share their opinions with their friends and family in a private setting. The cameraman was out of place to sneak in on a conversation between friends, of which he obviously was not a part. So now, the dynamics of the conversation has changed because someone invaded that space and chose to engage in a conversationi he wasn't welcome in. I could see this being very annoying to Mr.Wolf. Inasmuch as I believe he could have handled it differently he may have had a few drinks which affected his wisdom in handling this issue. I think its time we start respecting the privacy of others. Mr.Wolf is a human being above all else, prone to error. His public life is secondary to his humanity, and we must bear that in mind.

  5. damage control !

  6. Choopz....Soulage come again

  7. Your commentary is lopsided and biased. You are chiding the cameraman for simply doing his job. The cameraman is like every other cameraman looking for a good scoop. There have been many instances where people behind the lenses have been able to get off the cut remarks uttered by politicians off camera which have been able to dwell in the viewing public's consciousness for a while which have also increase viewing figures for the TV stations concerned. I see nothing wrong in that.

    A public figure like Wolf should be on his best behaviour at all times. If anyone is unprofessional it's him. This man is a poor excuse for a PR man. I would like to know which cretin gave this nincompoop the current position that he now occupies at the GIS. Such behaviour is unacceptable and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. If Wolf had any common sense he should have known that in this modern media era almost everything that you do in public goes viral - Nothing goes unnoticed. This ugly incident should never have happened had he been media savvy.

    Sometimes it takes incidents like these to expose flaws in incompetent people like this baleful character. They say if you cannot be trusted in little things then you most certainly should not be trusted in big things.In a public profession like this whatever you do you have to act like the world is watching you in all that you do.There are so many competent Journalists who could have been put into this position as head of this important government media department. This man from what I hear isn't media trained and clearly lacks the application to professionalism. This is a man who lived in Germany and not much is known about his life over there. Why is he being critical of his own people? When you criticize your own folks then you are criticizing yourself as you are a part of the people you are having a go at. Does he think that he is better than his fellow St Lucians? Most certainly not. He is simply doing this to inflate his mango headed ego. St Lucia can do without the likes of Wolf or whatever he is known as these days.

    The very people that he is wigging are the ones who are paying his salary. He should remember that and not go all out to bite the hands that are feeding him. It's illogical to do that.Before you criticize you must realize.The writer of this piece needs to stop being an apologist for this featherbrained man who has given in to frivolity. This man is unworthy of serious attention. He is a bit too frivolous to be a top media player. He should go back to media school to learn a thing or two about how to become a responsible media-player in the modern era.He has not carried himself well and if anything should apologize to the cameraman for his disgraceful behaviour. He should have known better. This is unacceptable and intolerable.This man is a threat to himself and the people he is supposed to work with in the Lucian media.If he is unable to put up then he should shut up and do the honourable thing.He should not be allowed to get away with it.He is bombastic and full of self-importance and as William Shakespeare once declared'That slight unmeritable man not even fit to be sent on errands' the Bard of Avon sums him up well with this quote.

  8. That article is obviously a terrible attempt at damage control by Clement Wulf-Soulage or his associates. Why isn’t the writer brave enough to attach his name to it. What a shame. Such nonesense should never even been published.

  9. T.M.P.,

    Sounds to me that Campeche cannot take what he himself dishes out!

    I take partial responsibility for his sore-headedness; I'm always panning the crap he writes in the Letters & Opinions section of the Voice; his verbatim use of the writings of neocons to boost his pseudo-intellect.

    By the way, you forgot provide a link to the referenced video; which makes your entire comment useless.

    • I watched the video on another website. It is filled with boorish behavior. The video can reduce your IQ.

  10. Men get into fights all the time especially when they have a few drinks

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