LETTER: Shape up or ship out; parents complain about principal in the south

LETTER: Shape up or ship out; parents complain about principal in the south

DEAR EDITOR: Good day. I am writing on behalf of myself and several disgruntled parents of a certain primary school in the south of the island.

There are several issues that we have discussed and that myself and other parents have spoken to the principal about. He listened, and we the parents feel that our complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

On Tuesday I received my child’s Common Entrance results and thank God, all my dedication and hard work paid off because she passed for the top school in the south. Had it not been for me and her dad motivating her this wouldn’t have been possible.

Here are a few of our grievances and my reason for writing this letter on your platform.

1.At the commencement of the year the sport season begun at the school, where students were asked to leave class in order to train for the sports meet, and my daughter included. They would be away from class every day and most times all day. This continue well pass the school house sports and ended when the inter-district sports meet concluded.

2. We the parents have spoken to the principal about the amount of time the children spend training and the effects it would have on their school work.

3. During the time when the other students were training for sports, those who remained in the class were at a disadvantage because they couldn’t go further with their studies because they had to wait on the athletes, so they just went over all they had learnt before.

4. We the parents feel that this is not the manner in which the situation should be handled. The principal should allow the children to remain in class to focus on their studies and at least at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. be taken to training with the consent of the parents. We break our backs working so that our children will receive an education, not spend most of their time preparing for sports.

5. At this school the children who perform exceedingly well don’t receive praise for their performances, instead they are made to sit back and watch while parties are been thrown for the athletes and awards ceremonies are held in their honour. In other words if you don’t take part in sports you don’t get praise.

6. There also have been several incidents where children have entered the school with concealed weapons. There have also been stabbings at the school. These incidents have never been made public and therefore was swept under the rug. Teachers and students have been verbally abused by a few of the students. In other words the school lacks a proper disciplinarian.

We feel that the principal should either shape up or ship out.

Concerned parents


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  1. I agree with the parent. When you are not satisfied with something where your child is concerned deal with it however first you want to vent your frustration even if you have to writ a letter to UNECEF,but do the right thing for your child. Complain to the DEO and make sure you document it and also the response from the relevant authorities. Then follow up and if nothing happens embarrass all of them in the media.
    What has sports done in this country for our children. Nothing! and write crap about sports doing something good to our children.
    Remember how persistent the Guyanes woman was when she had her problem at her child's school. She never give up. We always tell our children "never give up" let's do that.

    I hope you make a change in that school even if you alone do it, because some will say they will support you but at the end they will all back out like cockroaches.


  2. I think that everyone has a right to their opinion, so I don't blame the parent. The time should b balanced properly. And as to the level of disciplined at that school it should b dealt with better than that. Don't judge the parent unless you have a child of your own and have experience what he or she has been through. I think that the person should go to the ministry of education if talking to the principal has failed.


    • The very same thing happened at Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School. Parents there must now pay for coaches to help their children pass their upcoming CXCs. So much TIME is WASTED!

      Just like those heading the SLP, with mostly a focus on winning general elections, even though related actions taken to do so, would callously bankrupt the ENTIRE country, here, mimicking another of our 'damaged goods' politicians, we see again A SHAMEFUL PATTERN of growing national and dangerously misplaced priorities. What a NATIONAL slide!


  3. Madam your complaints are senseless. Sports an academic goes hand in hand it must be balance.Too many parents thinks that sports hinder the children education that's not true. I think there are many parents out there who would not support your claims.Credo to the principal for pushing sports in his school.That's so lacking in this country.


  4. Hi parent, I do not support you entirely. Some of our island scholars and most outstanding students were great sport persons. Sports assists in promoting discipline. The outstanding students have one thing that sets them apart- effective time management. It was something I learned as a child who was always out of classes for athletics, math competitions and all other competitions. However, I placed first at my school and got grades for convent. I am proud I wasn't simply a bookworm but a well rounded individual.


  5. Ok everyone is taking bout sports and where the person should go make their complaint but no one she the true effect...ok so sports training starts in January cuz I also have my girl in grade 4 @ that school, what I want to know why it was so necessary for the kids to spend so much time away from class cuz I have seen that there were days that the kids spent most their time out of class and at the grounds training... When I realised the affect that had on my childs work I demanded that she stop, until her day she came home and said that the sports teacher insisted she come to practise. What about the kids who sat minimum standard and common entrance, do u know how their performed, because all lot of them were away from class. No wonder the level of performance wasn't good. I have nothing against sports cuz I also attended and was taught by this man. But lately he has been overdoing it. Education should b 1st and formost.


  6. looks like everyone knows which school it is but me...I agree that the writer should also address concerns to the appropriate people...I also agree that discipline acquired in sports can help in other areas but this should be balanced.


  7. Smh...aa I remember a day my girl came home an claim the school go give them awards for work... Never happened, but he did have the sports awards... And proud lucian, shut ur ass cuz u a liar the athletes at that school don't perform much in school work... So before u beat ur mouth check ur information... By the way remember the boy that got stabbed in the school, up to now that never go public...Everytime my woman go with a complain to that man he say he will deal with it smiles and the samething happens again...


  8. Seriously what will the Ministry of Education do. They have not done much before. Children are not a priority in this country. All they practice is nepotism.




    • Trained people make mistakes too. If a parent is not happy with the way things are where their child is being affected that parent has every right to voice his concern. You are the one being rorotious if there is such a word with your comment.


  10. i agree and commend the parent for bringing this to light. I am a former student of his and also now have my son in that school and honestly with the constant bullying that takes place at the school,I sometimes feel terrified for my child's safety.With reference to the sports issue i dont know why but he has always shown more interest to it than the daily running of the school.




  12. Dear Parent, I suggest that you take the grievance to the Ministry of Education - the representative DEO, which is the appropriate authority for such.

    I also beg to disagree with you on one thing. Sports is an integral part of holistic learning - much of the discipline, and other skill sets developed on the field of play also augers well with academics. The two must be balanced.

    This is not the forum for it. So please address these issues appropriately. I am a parent and this is the route I would take, and the most recommended one at that.


    • This PROUD JACKASS Saint Lucian must be an SLP yard fowl and country-bookie, which makes it so unaware of the power of social media. That is why communist countries like China, North Korea and our most-loved "partner country", Communist Castro's CUBA, BLOCK it. You god-damn ignoramus!

      Why not cut your crap trying to tell people where to voice their concerns. Go to Hell!


    • Why not make their grievances public? I am a parent and of course I would use this forum to air my views. Isn't this forum a news forum? Yes sports is necessary but education first. Most of the icons in the world whether it be sports or musical have a degree in this or that. Education comes first not sports.


    • I have to agree with proud lucian. To the writer have you made your representative at the District Education Office aware of your grievances? I would believe that this would be the next step taken after speaking with the principle and seeing no change. In addition, in reality you have only made four point and not six.


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