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LETTER: Relatives sought for Dominican living in St. Lucia (updated)

By Marylyn Mustave

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grahamTo whom it may concern:

I am writing in aid of an elderly man by the name of Elisha Graham. He is 68 years old and resides in the petite community of Odsan.

Mr. Graham lost contact with his family both abroad and has none down here. I would like assistance in getting him in contact with his relatives.

He has passed the age of retirement and the best thing for him is to be in the arms of his relatives. Getting in contact with his family members is a desire that he has been contemplating for some time.

Some of his relatives hopefully should be in the various Caribbean islands such as Dominica.

If he gets into contact with some of them, the rest may be found. He is a Dominican, was raised in Dominica but has and currently resides in St. Lucia.

He misses them badly and always speaks about them and the memories they shared. This brings tears to his eyes.

This assistance would be more than appreciated.

Feel free to contact me at the numbers below.

Looking forward to Mr. Graham becoming associated with his family once more.

Thank you for your consideration of my request.

Marilyn Gustave writing on behalf of Elisha Graham
Phone Number: 1 758 461-6710/ 519 7008

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  1. I know him. I am from Dominica. I remember him attending the Seventh Day Adventist church in San Seauver, so they could start there looking for his family. I t is a small community on the north east coast of the island. Good luck

  2. To the perfect people in this wold if you'll were so good all you'll would do is help and not judge. Stop pointing fingers. We are all imperfect and everything happens for a reason

  3. My word a simple letter can cause all his palaver. The whole world is reading this: Persons with no compassion, no love for others, bitter persons who makes everything a problem, persons who don't understand what they read, persons who think they're more human than others, My God forgive us....St. Lucians we are all God's children and that is what's important!!!!

  4. what part of dominica did he come from cant he remember any of his relatives names

  5. I read the article once and understood it clearly. It is sad that we have become so intelligent that we cannot understand simple English. Journalists use catchy headlines to capture the attention of readers. It is our duty as readers to understand before attacking writers.
    Wow! Someone was simply trying to help and she is being attacked. We have grown so intolerant of each other and wonder why our society breeds criminals.
    I have no idea who the people are but commend the writer for her efforts. If the story were different and the man was found dead, with no relative to assist with arrangements we would have been asking why he never asked anyone to assist him with contacting his relatives.
    My my. I reflect on the times when my grandparents were alive. Some were barely literate but they were not attacked for not speaking or writing perfectly. Education has really caused us to regress!

  6. Dominican youth

    I think the Government of Dominica and st.Lucia should get this elderly man travel back home to Dominica without papers or try get him a passport to travel and if his family don't care to treat him good then put him in the elderly house in Roseau so he can get attention.

  7. Why do people who clearly didn't do well in English at school keep making nonsensical comments. Clearly most of them learnt to read but never fully got the understanding part of it smh. I don't see why would anybody with common sense or any sense of understand should think that the man was or is missing. Clearly the first paragraph states that he resides in ODSAN. Meaning he is living in odsan or is that some of us just dont know what "resides" means smh. The letter clearly states that he is the one missing his family and he is the one speaking about them. But as usual simpletons will always understand something totally different. To me the only thing wrong with this letter it is lacking vital information like: what part of Dominica he is from, names of immediate family such as mother, father, brothers and sisters. So even if the letter is read by a distant or none relative they might be able to identify the family line. A relative might as well be a readers neighbour. But I hope he gets to see his family again. And we should stop being quick to seeing the negative sides of thing at least the writer was trying to help. In the end is the thought that count. Caring for somebody other than oneself.

    • Well spoken!!!_after all there's nun left to say!

    • I thought social media removed all common sense from some people. Sadly I was wrong. It just exposed stupid and ignorant people, because they now have a platform. When prospective employers want to find out about people they just check their social media accounts. Unfortunately some people think that they can hide behind a computer or phone and say whatever they want, but this is a public forum. Well, reading something and comprehending are two totally different things, obviously they did not understand what they read.

  8. This man must be joking . Dominica is too close to st Lucia to lost contact with all his family members and relatives. This man is a crab and so he will die

  9. Read people read

    To me after reading several times ,the letter clearly states that the man is searching for his family which he lost all contact with.

  10. st.Lucian at heart

    Does he know what part of Dominica he comes from and the names of some of his relative

  11. It appears Mr. Graham is trying to reconnect with his family who may still be residing in Dominica or other islands in the Caribbean. The person who wrote the letter on behalf of Mr. Graham made it a bit confusing but is only trying to assist Mr. Graham in connecting with his family.

    Hope a member of his family sees the letter and calls.

  12. The letter was written properly
    SNO did a bad job of uploading it. I wrote that letter and I can tell u that is not what I wrote. They didn't even spell the name right. And the man is not missing. He is trying to contact his family in Dominica. Urll Lucian's too ignorant

    • THIS IS UNTRUE. This article was sent to us for publication by someone who is said to be close to the author. Apparently, the person copied it from Dominica News Online. And we posted AS IS. No alterations.

      Members of the public, compare both articles by clicking on this link and you will realise it is the same article.

      We also can screenshot the code for the original file to prove we never amended it.

      Any errors in the article came straight from the Dominica News Online version OR the original from the author, NOT SNO. Did this alleged author not see the same article on DNO? And if they did, why blame SNO and not DNO?

      Furthermore uploading does not affect the content of any article.



    • Lucian can really show ignorance on the highest level!

  13. That's why there's soo much killing in St Lucia they are too full of themselves ...ridiculous ,hope this man find his relatives don't know why he lost them in the first place and can't find them,if I can be of any help I will,

    • Really, you are full of yourself. You are such a negative individual.

    • I'm his neighbor. We're trying to get into contact with his family to get his legal documents in order. He has no identification , birth certificate or anything else so we need the family to contact us if they can. I can be reached at 1758 7137649

    • st.Lucian at heart

      You must be from the mountain chicken family. No good Dominican

    • Today is ours tomorrow maybe yours. St.Lucians used to same the same thing about Trinidad and Jamaica. Now, look at the state of crime in St.Lucia.

    • Kiss up your modda damass

  14. Clearly comprehension is a lost skill for the majority of people.....

  15. Is this guy homeless or ill? why can't the writer go to st lucia and find his loved one since he has the location where he might be? my goodness, don't sit on your butt and ask people to find your family for you, choops. you all are too stuck up.

  16. Anonymous you are sounding mean for no justified cause. Keep your negative comments to yourself. They are trying to locate their elderly relative. He is 68 years and anything could be wrong with him, hence he may have lost contact with them. Stop and put yourself in their shoes before you cast your uniformed and unintelligent comments because there is absolutely no need for it.

  17. Some of us read to respond n not read to understand. Yall are to quick to judge n come to conclusions. They never said he's missing. They said he lost contact with his fsmily abroad n this article serves as a means to initiate some form of hope in retrieving his family.

  18. I am pretty sure that he will be located soon, good luck anyways.

    Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud ...
    – 1 Corinthians 13: 4

  19. Ms Marilyn,

    please request that this be publish on the Dominica news sites: Here are a few

    hope this helps

  20. I know Elisia very well he used to work one time at Dillys, we worked together. I always see him carrying stuff for people.

  21. At that age, if the gentleman is not otherwise incapcitated, he is quite capable of contacting his family wherever they are. I don't understand why someone should be asking us in Odsan to look for him. Is he lost? And I was confused when the person asking for help in locating the man wrote something to the effect that he misses his family and about crying or something like that. How does the person know that, he or she does not even know where the man is? In passing, I just want to say that the letter was badly written.

    • Shut the hell up

    • Amen... a whole bunch of words that didn't make sense to me.

      • Because you cannot read and understand. By the way, see the comment about the way the letter was written, and then see the response from SNO's Administration. This proves my point, that the letter was badly written in the first place. Seen? Now, good night.

    • You're such an uncompasaionate a---e!

    • You are not alone. The structure of this letter did not convey the message in a clear manner. At first it sounded like the man is missing. Then it is saying that the man is missing his family. Even the heading is not right. Sounds like relatives are looking for the man and not the man looking for his relatives. The message is distorted.

      • This is just a foolish story, PERaiOD. If the man is the age they say he is, and if he is not suffering from a mental disease, the man ought to know that he came from so-and-so village in Dominica, and that his relatives are the so-and-so family. Then all he, not some Good Samaritan, has to do is to ask the St. Lucian Foreign Ministry,or the OECS secretariat, to liaise with the Foreign Ministry in Dominica, and help him make contact. What is all this "roro" about? Bottom line: is the man of sound mind or not? Why does he need a third party to actin his behalf?

    • You were way to quick to put this long drawn out comment. Please read article again.

      Thank you.


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