LETTER: Great plane, horrible service (see link to video in story)

LETTER: Great plane, horrible service (see link to video in story)
Frustrated LIAT customers.
Frustrated LIAT customers.

LIAT has done it again.

In our concerns for what we deem the betterment for our Caribbean people and visitors alike we expect nothing but the best.

Well… this is what we hope for especially when it comes to travelling in the Caribbean. LIAT, in 2014, has done a fantastic job of upgrading their planes and I must commend them for that, but the service being offered is still as horrible as it were in 2013, 2012 and further down the line.


We left Dominica at a very early time for which we complimented LIAT on their early arrival and timely departure out of Dominica for the first leg of our flight. We arrived five minutes earlier than scheduled to Antigua and everything seemed to be going fine. However, things took a downward spiral when we were scheduled to leave Antigua for St. Maarteen where would have our connecting flights to our destinations. To even think that anything could possibly go wrong would mean that we’d have enough time to at least make it for our scheduled flights, but sadly to say five hours of difference was not adequate enough.

We (Dominicans, St. Lucians as well as foreigners) were scheduled to leave at 10:30 a.m. to arrive into St. Maarteen at 11:15 a.m. Instead, we left the airport, went to the runway to take the flight, then had to return to the airport. This is after we waited about an hour on the plane where everyone was seated and on time.

The pilot claimed that they were waiting for someone. Back at the airport, we had to wait until 1 p.m. to get back on the lane. No one knew why.

We arrived in St. Maarteen an hour and 15 minutes which indicated that some passengers had already missed their 2:45 p.m. flight. Those for the 3:25 p.m. flight were next on the agenda. To make matters worst, all flight personnel were there except LIAT members. Our baggage still hadn’t reached nor was the baggage claim machinery in motion for quite some time.

I had to go to the WINAIR counter to ask them what should we do. We were told to rush to our connecting flight terminals to check in and that we did, only to find out that they were already closed, since they close an hour before the flight (and we were 20 minutes into that hour.

We then had to rebook and pay for our connecting flight for the next day since LIAT does not deal with certain airlines anymore. We were placed in a hotel, but the mere fact that so much was lost because of LIAT and its unprofessional attitude towards its customers, bore a serious burden.

Something must be done, something has to be done before LIAT continues to ruin the experiences of so many individuals while causing them to spend more money than they catered to or should not have spent in the first place.

Great plane, horrible service. Something needs be done. This is a video of the commentary of what took place.



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  1. we need competition in the caribbean, LIAT needs to go, the ridiculous prices we caribbean people have to pay for air fares from one island to the next is on heard of.
    Just check on the prices in america form one state to the next.LIAT PLEASE CLOSE DOWN!!!


  2. You know I really admire the courage of party hacks. But is it courage or a down right compulsive obsession to making St. Lucians to think that everything is right when their party is in power.

    Why should we need a foreigner to tell us that the service offered by LIAT is SHITTY. We all know the facts as we are travelers ourselves. Why should the international press have to tell us who is dead in our country while our police withhold this info from us? Meanwhile we in this part of the world continue to do things in the same manner and we expect change by miraculous intervention. I had said already that the trend taken by this administration to suppress public opinion was a dangerous one. It would redound to foreigners making opinions for us since we are not permitted to do it for ourselves. Mr Prime Minister what have the people of this country done to you or your family that you figure that we are incapable of drawing references and making decisions on our own. Bambi mentioned that there is a new CEO so things will get better. But I want to ask was LIAT's inefficiency caused by the past CEO. No it was caused by the directors who are the derelict PMs of the region who spend the people's money with impunity. They are the real decision makers. Why is the Dominica to Antigua leg of the journey a good one? I suppose that we are waiting for a foreigner to tell us that it was because other countries did not contribute to the cup in hand policy of LIAT then the company tries as much to destroy the proper servicing of these routes. So party hacks we know the facts meanwhile I am here to teach you how to think not to think for you or to frighten you into not stating an opinion. This government's time is fast approaching and they know the outcome so their aim is to milk as much as possible and suppress opinions while they do it in your face.


  3. I hate to give this blow but Kenny you make Liat extort you to pay for service that still not providing . Liat is single handedly crushing the free movement in the Caribbean and you paying them for that.


  4. The staff at Vigie needs to be revisted -they suck. Their customer service skill is non - existent.


  5. Things will get better soon the new ceo sounds to be serious about the reform,lets all be patience.


    • They've had many CEO's in recent years, but the same clueless chairman and prime minister calling the shots. Nothing will change while these two are at the helm.


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