Letter from the CSA to Hon. Montoute

Letter from the CSA to Hon. Montoute

Dear Honourable Minister,

Following discussions with our Assistant General Secretary, Mr. Mac Stephen Aubertin, on April 28th 2020, you agreed to have a meeting with us (CSA) on April 30th, 2020 to have dialogue on a matter which was of serious concern to our members at the Castries Constituency Council (CCC).

The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association would like to place on record its sincere gratitude to you for acceding to this request for your intervention in a matter which was essentially the decision taken by the Management of the Castries Constituency Council to lay-off some of our members; the meeting referred to above was held jointly with the National Workers Union whose members faced a similar predicament.

We are indeed pleased to note that you did not renege on your promise to do all within your power to ensure that the proposed notices of lay-off would have been temporarily suspended in order to allow you to explore other options available.

Our members have informed us that they have received the April 2020 salaries and that the layoff notices / memos were indeed deferred.

We do hope that we can continue to work collaboratively towards ensuring that these workers do not suffer the unenviable situation of being sent home without pay, which consequentially, would have meant the loss of their ability to take care of the needs of their families. We do not wish to instruct you on the way forward regarding the financial management of the Castries Constituency Council but what has transpired over the last month is a clear indication that there is need for some form of meticulous scrutiny when it comes to the financial decisions of the Castries Constituency Council.

Once again Honourable Minister we thank you most sincerely for your timely intervention and positive action. We would also like to place on record our appreciation for this strategic approach adopted by the National Workers Union in the interest of the lives and livelihoods of the workers.

Yours Faithfully,



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