Letter from a disgusted member of society

Letter from a disgusted member of society

IMG-20151118-WA0051-01Dear Editor: I’m not sure, but am I normal? Am I not like most people? Is it rare to find people like me?

I suddenly get this strong urge to write this letter. I’m writing in disgust. I cannot stop myself from doing it because my human nature takes full control. While this happens, my eye starts to twitch a bit. This causes pain, there’s actually a bit of pleasure in calling out the sick individuals in our society

I am curious, curious about how heartless some persons can be. Do I have a problem? Tell me, I am very curious.

IMG-20151123-WA0024-01I don’t know why, but I feel like society depresses me, especially some of the humans that exist in it. People that I don’t even know! I can’t help but feel disgusted by the behaviour of others. I don’t know why, but it really saddens me, to the point of infuriating me. Urgh!

So, what is it that saddens me? Lately there have been photos circulating via social media of a young, homeless guy — who doesn’t appear to be mentally stable and took to the streets — in female attire and posing for pics.

I would believe someone is deliberately giving him those outfits to make a mockery out of it. What about actually caring for him and giving him some decent clothing to wear; meaningless nowadays to those people. It’s just a casual play thing.

What has happened to society? What happened to the days of morality, love and purity? Nowadays, more and more people seem to be morons. What happened to modesty? What about class? But then again, it is not everyone who has been doing these most shameful things.

I know someone will say “don’t worry about other people”, but I don’t know why I do. I don’t think I worry about them, but rather I feel like this because I am disgusted. But nothing is ever going to change. People aren’t going to stop … Ugh.


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  1. what is the issue there? is it the man cross dresses? or he is mentally unstable? or we have become careless ? gone are the days when we use to care for each other. ' the rich will always be rich and the poor remain poor"

    lets not ridicule the man. or any one in whatever condition or situation of life. we never know where we ourselves may " fall" in life.
    however, let us pray that we get to keep our sanity and that we keep trusting in God to keep us from ending up in a situation like this. but let us help where we can. we all might be surprised to know that one day we fall and the person we are condemning or making a mockery of is the one to help us...


  2. This new day of dawning simply shows why certain individuals should not be in possession of a computer. In today's world this generation jjseem to find any reason to support some of the most asinine idea, irrespective of whether it is damaging to society. Their shallow thinking allow them to be easily brain washed by others who claim such twisted values are a pathway to their freedom. It that is the case then why is the black person discriminated throughout this world. So where is your true freedom. Other small select groups are granted full privileges when we are denied. Yet none of us make that the most important issue in our life. Total freedom of the black man before gays, lesbians, rapists, arsonists.


  3. Rick Wayne said 64 percent but I know it is higher than. Illiteracy a serious problem in this society. My god. Reading and understanding big problem.


  4. You see how stupid you people are? Suggesting that the person who wrote this letter should have not done so because it doesn't help???? Further proves how utterly lacking in intellect and emotional intelligence you pieces of shit are. So because he or she may have written this letter it some how suggests that he or she has not helped this young man in some way? I can't stand stupid people. And there are a ton of you in these comments. Ridiculous assholes with no broughtupsy and who speak on things without taking the time to understand. Remember that you too will need assistance one day...whether it is to change your dirty diaper when your ridiculous behind suffers a stroke or you find your self suffering from severe illness. Watch your wordss.


  5. I now see a new cultural phenomenon emerging. It is about ridiculing persons who share opinions on things they see wrong in society. We are now asking them to do something about it. This culture is absolutely absurd as it prevents any amount of accountability being apportioned to the person responsible. This is particularly true when examining the rhetoric of the ruling Labor party.

    Since when is ordinary critic or public discourse on any issue wrong or forbidden unless you have a solution? It is even more frightening when ruling parties justify their stupidity by referencing a time when another party did the same thing. Isn't that why the other party lost elections, by doing something which the public thought was wrong? So how does that give justification for you to do it?

    If the writer thinks that this practice of taking advantage of mentally challenged people is wrong, then it is PLAIN WRONG, without any reservations. It makes no sense to criticize him as to what he himself is doing to help these persons, because you the critic may not be doing nothing about it either. You may be very well be caught up in the sensationalized drama because of your own selfish gay fetishes. In fact, why should someone come to the media to broadcast that they gave a mentally challenged individual some clothes? Maybe that's what the selfish bastard critic who finds pleasure in the misfortune of others would have done. BEWARE OF THE SELF RIGHTEOUS for they will go to any length to defend their image and their interests.


  6. What this young man needs are the means to express himself creatively. If he can purchase a sewing machine, learn to design his own style of clothes because what is available is not suitable. The young man has potential to be very classy. For a start, if he likes short dresses they are best worn with biker shorts underneath. Little girls who want to sit with ease on the floor can best do that in biker shorts than a pair of nickers. Biker shorts are a male invention. It hugs the body and comes down the thighs. The guy has to twig his fashion and he with his beauty he can earn a living as ‘Derek Walcott Square Celeb’ with people wanting to take a picture with him - think outside the box! Even if someone has a mental illness like a broken leg it heals and they recover. Sometimes people will have many broken legs likewise episodes of mental illness which will heal. This young man’s eccentricity is a part of his personality and should be embraced. I cannot promise “Mr Disgusted” the aesthetics and class of Milan, Paris or London fashion but this Lucian fashion is quirky but authentic!

    Help this young man to celebrate his authenticity. Do not give him your old clothes help him to acquire a sewing machine, training and materials. He can do the rest: he is creative! For all you know this can take him a lot further and he can be tomorrow’s entrepreneur and employer!

    When my son was about two years old, I came into the living room and saw him admiring his work of art on the wall. He had smeared his poo all over the wall. Without telling him off, I cleaned up the wall with disinfectant and the following day bought him a child’s artist easel, paints, potter’s wheel and clay. He naturally put his creativity into them and would have hours of fun! He was not interested in the typical boys’ toys.

    We are in an enlightened era: we cannot force square pegs into round holes.


  7. To the writer of this article i commend your efforts on trying to bring attention to persons in society of this young man's plight. While others spew venomous comments about your motives I am quite sure the kind hearted persons who have read this article will make an extra effort when they see him in public to treat him or any other mentally unstable people in st. Lucia with a bit more dignity. For persons who did not get the writer's point, that was it!!!!!

    Now I do not have a FB account so i will try using this platform to share with the public the person "Tenny" was before he became sick. I knew Tenny since he was 13 years old. He was usually very funny, kind, energetic and so what shy . He played basketball for the secondary school he attended and his name was often one of the popular names you would hear school girls shout at the complex basketball school competitions. Tenny was Very intelligent. I happened to have seen his cxc certificate. This young man had ones and twos in every subject he wrote. He behaved very masculine and was handsome. I have often tried to assist him in anyway i could whenever i came across him by providing him meals. However I am not sure how much his family has done or is able to do in order to get him treated. There are often laws prohibiting one to forcefully admit someone who is not violent. So this is why i think in cases like this the government needed to step in to help secure some recovery effort. The resources at Corner stone could be utilize more.

    So it pains my heart to see someone who had such a bright and promising future to be make fun of like a stray dog in the street. It does not matter how he ended up this way. This young man have been sexually abuse on the streets of Castries by "normal" men (Yes I said it.... so while you laugh at him question the men in your lives as well) and the abuse continues by all the persons who continue to entertain themselves in his demise. Even if he asks for persons to take pictures and for female clothing stated by other commentators , this does not make it OK to indulge in his deterioration. You do not hand a child matches because they ask for it. You should not help someone destroy themselves.

    So I say all this to say, this very young man has a back story, think of that when you see him again and know it could happen to anyone whether through depression, nervous break down or drugs and yes generational curse too.


  8. Dear writer, shut the -- up and u get him the clothing and food u think he deserves ppl like u I bet passing him straight in urll big SUV,BMW ect..so wat are u trying to imply chpz jus remember u are part of society as well


  9. the person that wrote the letter keep the f.. shut. There are so many vagrants and homeless ppl roaming our streets and need help, that pic disguise u so bad. Why dont u take them and put them to stay with u an then write to us an say what help u need.
    Otherwise your letter make no sense to me


  10. This is a forum for discussion all of which is your opinion, it's bad that most of you speak without knowing the background story or portions of it and render a skewed version of what you believe to be true. MOST OF YOU ARE JUST IGNORANT IDIOTS WHO HIDE BEHIND A KEYBOARD TO ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE. Please stay anonymous, we really don't need to know who you are, in the mean time try to be respectful and gain some knowledge.


  11. I totally agree with the writer. I don't know this guy but from the comments lots of ppl seem to know him. Some say he get the clothes on his own which may be true. Probably dressing this way is his only form of survival. I remember some years back there was this young man of unsound mind walking around asking people to kick him for a dollar. Just for a $1 he would allow people to kick him. This was pure cruelty but people took pleasure in kicking this man instead of just giving him a dollar. So maybe people offer him loose change in order to take his pic plus the attention he is getting. But I agree it's cruel and insensitive how people treat the mentally unstable people


  12. Anyone who graduated secondary school beteeen 2001-2003 knows this guy. One of the most talented basket ball players out of entrepot. Not to mention handsome. So so very handsome! All the girls loved tenny. To all of you inconsiderate bastards who make a mockery of mental illness but in the same breath will say pray for my cousin aunty nenen with breast cancer....get a life! Mental illness is real and nothing is more saddening for me at 29 to see my peer like this. It hurts and I would never ridicule him. After one season is another..remember we will all die. So all your vain posessions and accomplishments mean nothing cause when tenny dies and my qualified ass dies. We go to the same place. 6 feet.


    • Wtf gtace do u even know what the letter is about,and all the people saying the letter don't help it does it started a conversation, now let's see who's goin to help