LETTER: Citizen concerned about filthy unit in CDC building

LETTER: Citizen concerned about filthy unit in CDC building

Dear Editor: On behalf of concerned citizens I am calling on the housing department authorities to monitor the health hazards of CDC apartment key holders.

Today I visited a friend and the condition of her neighbour’s dog mess appeared to be out of control. The smell of urine and mess disturbs visitors and people who live in the surrounding areas.

The authorities have been informed, but the owner refuses to follow prodecures.

I am therefore calling on the CDC authorities again to look into this matter, as soon as possible.

Concerned citizen


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  1. I know how it is we just moved into a new apartment and the neighbor have a dog messing all on the steps to his apartment the steps is in line with our patio so all day and night all we smell is dog mess dog urine. And dirty dog.The owner doesn't bathe the dog or even walk it. It's always tied to the steps. The owner us self employed and he's always home he refuse to clean up the dog mess promptly. All inside our apartment have dog mess flies.The land lord promised us the dog will go.Our least clearly stated no pets allowed.no matter how much the land lord speak to the owner he refuse to get ride of the dog .


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