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Antonio Guterres, Boris Johnson, Philip J. Pierre

Castries, Saint Lucia, Wednesday, November 3, 2021:– Saint Lucians are mulling over Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s call on fellow world leaders not to fail future generations by going down in history as the generation of Heads of Government who had the last chance to save the planet, but failed.

Addressing the 26th Global Conference of Parties (COP-26) on Climate Change in Glasgow on Tuesday, the Saint Lucia leader said his and the presence of over 100 world leaders was “testimony” that they recognized this is ‘The Last Chance’ to save Planet Earth.

He therefore asked, “Will we rise to the challenges and let our consciences prevail?”

Noting Small Island Developing States (SIDS) like Saint Lucia face what has been described by United Nations (UN) agencies as a “Crisis of Humanity” and by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called “A Code Red for Humanity”, Pierre said they remained vulnerable and exposed to Climate Change dangers such as “rising sea levels and ocean acidification.”

He also noted that “We know that the 1.5 degrees Celsius is still within our reach, but to achieve it we must act now.”

The Saint Lucia PM urged continuing support for the long-term strategies like ‘Net Zero’ targets by mid-century, but also called for support for “wind, solar and other renewable energy investments.”

Pointing out that “The power to change lies in our collective hands,” Pierre called on fellow Prime Ministers and Presidents to be “focused and resolute” and “not waver on matters of human survival.”

He called on nations of the world “to deliver on the long-term global finance goal that was promised” so that SIDS and developing nations can better address issues like “mitigation and adaptation” and “loss and damage.”

Referring to the 2015 COP-21 in Paris where negotiations resulted in the adoption of the Paris Agreement governing Climate Change reduction measures from 2020, the Saint Lucia PM said, “It is time we complete the Paris rule book…”

“When we bring to fruition that vital work, we can strengthen accountability and enable the highest possible ambitions while ensuring transparency and environmental integrity,” he added.

He said, “We in the developing world are on the frontline and exposed,” and “our poor, vulnerable citizens have very limited ability to respond to Climate Change effects, Pierre added, ” as a result of which “their quality of life is significantly diminished.”

He noted that SIDS like Saint Lucia “whose special needs and circumstances were settled in Paris” are “in the midst of a Crisis for Humanity” and called on fellow leaders to make a serious conscience-call to Save Humanity and The Planet.

He asked: “As responsible leaders, can we, in good conscience, sacrifice Humanity for Industry?”

And, he also asked, “Will we continue to ignore the Science, to gamble with the future of our youth and women, private sector and NGOs?”

Calling the attention of fellow leaders to the enormity of the tasks at hand, Prime Minister Pierre issued a strong plea for collective attention to the fact that the world was watching.

He ended with a quiet but passionate plea, saying: “The young people are watching us, so let’s not fail them.

“Let us not be that generation of leaders who had the last chance to set the world on track, but chose not to put people first!”

The Scotland summit ends on November 12th.

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