“Let us stop washing our dirty linen in public” – Guy Mayers tells UWP members

“Let us stop washing our dirty linen in public” – Guy Mayers tells UWP members
Guy Mayers (right) and Allen Chastanet (left) after the election results were announced on Sunday.
Guy Mayers (right) and Allen Chastanet (left) after the election results were announced on Sunday.

Newly elected Chairman of the United Workers Party (UWP) Guy Mayers has urged members of the UWP to unite, remain focused and stop washing their “dirty linen in public.”

Mayers said no member of the UWP should be going to the media denigrating another member of the UWP, pointing to days when the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) had the same issues.

“When they talk among themselves, they talk about the disgust and the leadership of the country. But you know what, they learnt their lesson the hard way,” he explained.

According to Mayers, back in the 1980’s and 1990’s the SLP consistently “washed its dirty linen in public” and this caused Saint Lucians to turn their back on the Labour Party.

The former national security minister claims that when he talks to most of the ministers of government privately, “they will tell you how they are disgusted with the leadership of Kenny Anthony.”

“But do you hear any of them coming to the media and talking against Kenny Anthony?” drawing the point that members of the UWP should do the same.

“It is time that the UWP understand that when it goes to the media bad-talking your members, you are doing damage to the whole family of the UWP and this must stop as of today,” he asserted.

Mayers suggested that if a member has a problem with him as chairman or with the party leader, they should seek to speak with him or whosoever it is they have an issue with, and resolve the issue privately.

“Let us stop washing our dirty laundry in public. It does nothing to help the cause of the UWP and Saint Lucia as a whole,” the long-standing UWP politician added.

He said the mission is to defeat the SLP at the next elections and his role is to prepare each constituency for that major event. The party, he said, must ensure too that all 17 delegates are on the ground within the shortest time.

Mayers told attendees of the UWP convention that the prime minister could call elections within 21 days and said they should not be too surprised if elections are set by the end of this year.

He said, “Let us ensure that the reorganizing of our party continues. We want every UWP member on board. The train is leaving, it is leaving the station as of today, and everybody needs to be on board.”

Mayers said the UWP must win the next elections to “restore good governance” to the country.


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  1. Now I want us to be honest with ourselves it is not the first time that a political party has been divided lets not forget the kenny Anthony and Julian Hunt situation when Mr.Hunt was FORCED out of the Slp party because he did not want to leave the difference here is that no body is forcing Mr.King out he is doing it on his own I remember so many things were said about sir John Comption he was Called all kinds of names he never allowed what people say to affect him.So I am saying to Mr.King grow a back bone accept deffeat and come and make your contribution if you have one.I am a strong believer in that evere thing happens for a reason and when things are not working out for us for what ever reason we need to take a good look at ourselves because there is something that we are doing wrong that is the law of life this is for you Mr. King we don't always get what we want in life and there is a reason for that.


  2. At the end of the day, what Guy sad is true. I encourage the members to deal wir b the matters internally. Some of the happiest looking family have their own struggles too.


  3. Guy Mayers you couldn't win Phillip J Pierre now you are chairman you talking about wash dirty laundry in public, smdh your hypocrisy with Stephenson King will coming back in your a**


  4. Guy you joined the lying trend too.No minister told you anything like that.Stop your politicking.We know better. Go back with that.


  5. Mam-my Flambeau be warned!

    Don't fool yourself Guy Mayers. If you really believe that the fighting is over think again. The King-Spider faction of the UWP are not sincere. Chas might be but these fellas have an even greater plan for him. For now they will pretend that its all over but I am warning you that the fork in Chastanet back is coming. What he needs to do now is clean up the party and not play as if he is afraid to do so. The King- Spider faction are in political survival mode now so they are going to be calm but once they are assured that the worst threat is over against their political careers they will strike.
    Get it through your thick head Mr Mayters -their aim is to get rid of Chas.


    • June, you need to be a little deeper than that. King has already qualify for pension etc. so he does not need anything else as he knows he cannot be PM again.
      Allan is simply not fit to be PM of St. Lucia, he is a light weight when it comes to PM. Juke Bois would be a better PM than Allan.

      Can you imagine the leadership of UWP is Allan, Guy (both of them), ezechiel, Clery moomoo, Mary (Broiler association) Isaac. The only one with some salt is Rigobert and what I don't understand, if these ppl had a heart/brain why would they not support Rigobert to be Leader. She is the only one completely qualified to be leader and PM in the UWP presently.


      • Does having a doctorate in a particular field qualifies you to be a prime minister? I really want to know, because people are talking about the Economist with his doctorate and now Gale with her doctorate. Let me make you aware that a doctorate only means that you have done doctoral research in a particular field. Get it straight, that a good pm needs good leadership and understanding and knowing how to use the talent in the civil service effectively.


  6. Meanwhile more great international exposure for St. Lucia. At least Chas is showing we have sensible people here:



  7. Well said; you think SLP supporters not dissatisfied with the evident 'jobs for boys" scheme their PM is running and all the nonsense surrounding the recent appointment of a Saudi as diplomat? They are seething at Kenny and Hilaire for pissing in their eye; but they rather bite their lip and fake solidarity than reveal any dispassion within! UWP take note


    • You wrong. I voted them and will SURELY vote them out. That job for the boys with some nincompoop johnny come lately dr. NoName selling st lucia left right and center does not sit well with anyone. If Kenny had any sense he would not have run his party like a jobs for the boys enterprise. it means no accountability and allowing people to make a fool out of st lucia on the grandest scale. That crop must go. Lots of Lucians are swing voters. they decide the elections not SLPS or UWPS diehards. slp going out. UWP better continue putting their house in order.


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