Let our genius shine, PM says to the Diaspora

Let our genius shine, PM says to the Diaspora

Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has issued a call to all Saint Lucians living overseas to become part of the dialogue which will tap into the creative energy of the diaspora to bring about transformation in Saint Lucia.

In a brief message titled “Let our Genius Shine”, the Prime Minister notes the feeling of nostalgia that takes over every Saint Lucian who leaves abroad in times like these. However, Dr. Anthony states that “in today’s world of Skype and Facebook, online radio and Youtube, it is difficult for you to remain far away”.

Reflecting on this year’s theme, “Unlocking our Creativity; Transforming our World”, Prime Minister Anthony urged all Saint Lucians abroad to become part of the transformation.

“There are many opportunities to dialogue on the future we want for Saint Lucia when she becomes fifty. Already, brainstorming is ongoing through undertakings such as the Caribbean Growth Forum and the Post 2015 Development Agenda Consultations funded through the United Nations. There is an opportunity to contribute online at www.worldwewant.org so I welcome you to register and be part of the Saint Lucia consultation. Saint Lucians will soon also be engaged in asking their opinions and ideas on a number of reforms that are very necessary to transform our island. Not least of which will be a National Development Plan to map our way forward. Our Diaspora, wherever you may be, will certainly be included.”

In his message, the Prime Minister stressed the need to reaffirm our identity and commitment to making Saint Lucia a better place.

“This Independence, let us reaffirm ourselves, our identity, our values. For our creativity will be shaped by who we are. We must be confident in ourselves, we must be courageous, and bold. We must be undefeated in our hope, cause and tenacity for a better Saint Lucia, and a better world. It exists already in our minds; let us will it around us and through our actions.”

The special Independence message will be printed in booklets and read at ceremonies hosted by the overseas missions to commemorate Saint Lucia’s 34th Anniversary of Independence.


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