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St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 202215612 min

Saint Lucia News Online retracts comments made about Leonne Theodore John, the current head of Saint Lucia’s High Commission in London, that she was in any shape or form involved in facilitating investigations of the former High Commissioner to London Ernest Hilaire.

In our Saturday 6th Edition in the article “Hilaire Returns to London High Commission in Ernest”, Leonne Theodore John was referred to as being “fingered as having had a key role in the ongoing investigations of Hilaire’s activities”.

Mrs. John, a former Speaker of The House of Assembly, was forced out of her position under the Allen Chastanet administration, because she refused to compromise the proper running of the House of Assembly by allowing the antics of Allen Chastanet, who showed little respect for the House’s rules and procedures. Moreover, her relationship with the former High Commissioner, Guy Mayers, the real facilitator of the investigations, was not the best, all because of his own insecurities and her disagreements with the former prime minister, Alen Chastanet.

We are sorry if our comments in Saturday’s edition caused any distress to Mrs. Theodore John, because the perception that she may have been involved in facilitating the investigation of former High commissioner Ernest Hilaire is totally incorrect.
Mrs. John, an attorney-at-law, is currently heading the High Commission office in London and from all reports appears to be doing a good job.

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