Learn to Say No St. Lucia to hold march

Learn to Say No St. Lucia to hold march

122PRESS RELEASE – LEARN TO SAY NO ST. LUCIA is an initiative of the Youth Power Group in St. Lucia which is schedule to take place on November 14th 2015 beginning with a March en route through waterworks road, unto Chaussee, left turn onto Brazil Street and into Derek Walcott Square for the main assembly.

The Square will come alive with speeches by prominent persons, presentation of drama, song, dance, poems, testimonies, as well as live performances by our very own artists who has over the years brought us songs highlighting concerns for our deteriorating society.

LEARN TO SAY NO will provide an avenue for partnership with community experts such as persons with skills and interest in many extracurricular fields such as drama, music, arts and crafts etc. through which they can contribute positively to the development of Children and Youth. Additionally, it will create an avenue to showcase the positive engagements of youth thereby attracting deserved exposure, incentives and rewards.

The primary goal of LEARN TO SAY NO ST.LUCIA is to enable young people to be positively engaged in activities that are rewarding and fulfilling. It is intended to challenge their positive energies into investments and preserve them from indulging in self destructing activities which are ever so prevalent in our society.

The project will redirect their indulgence into such areas as drama, dance, sports, music, and arts and crafts as the first step in saying NO to the many destructive ills in our society such as:


LEARN TO SAY NO will provide a cadre of young people who will be equipped with integrity, love for fellowmen, focused, zealous about life and country. They will become a generation of better mothers, fathers, workers, brothers, sisters, obedient and respectful to those in authority. Well- equipped leaders for the upcoming generation. A PEOPLE WE CAN COUNT ON!

Above all this project will save lives, ensure more peaceful homes and Streets, Schools and Communities

Therefore we are asking everyone to come out to support the fight against so many social issues that are affecting our young people in St. Lucia.

For more information you can contact one of these numbers#7160409/2875945


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  1. All these are adult inflicted problems. How could youth say no to poverty for example. I do believe or priorities and strategies for solving problems are misdirected and misplaced. Everything done in St. Lucia is for grandeur, stature and posturing. Recently Kim Jong Un put on a fabulous display at a rally in North Korea. Did that ameliorate the suffering and starvation or in any way contribute to the welfare of his people?

    In more enlightened countries students are the ones who protest to achieve social, economic and intellectual rights for all. In places like St. Lucia and North Korea they are used in such rallies to indicate that all is well.


  2. We need to promote sex within marriage not just promote safe sex by itself. Too many of of our people are getting caught in this shacking up thing, having babies, left alone as single parents or even murdered when they want to opt out of the mess. So good initiative, however please ensure an entire package is delivered to everyone.


  3. Sex without marriage is not the point a happy fellow ship is Betty than that now s days people don't buy Jabe in sac the children have to take there time because live is not running


  4. Good initiative!! On a side note, I could not resist mentioning the typo "Bulling" instead of "Bullying" on the poster. I suppose we need a separate march for this one!


  5. I have not seen the following destructive ill on the agenda but I hope that SAYING NO TO SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE will be put on the front burner of the program being organised.


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