Leak causes flood at Vieux Fort Police Station

Leak causes flood at Vieux Fort Police Station


The Administrative Office of the Vieux Fort Police Station was flooded due to leaks in the roof caused by heavy rain fall this morning, according to a reliable source.

The flood apparently began shortly after police officers reported for duty, which forced them to relocate to another section of the station.

The source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that all the desks, wires and other furniture and equipment were covered in water due to the flood.

But this is not the first time that the officers had to endure this, because according to the source, this issue has been an ongoing issue for the past three years now and nothing is being done to address it.

“When it rain it pours at the Vieux Fort Police Station. There are several places where the roof is leaking but the main office is worse,” the source added.

The source said every time it rains the roof leaks and the officers have now moved from placing buckets to minimize the flooding, to removing themselves entirely from the office, in the event of heavy rain.

A complaint was filed with the Police Welfare Association (PWA) some months ago, but so far nothing has been done to address the issue, or put temporary measures in place.

SNO could not reach the officer in charge of the station for a comment.

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  1. Shaddy jobs more money laundered into the pockets of those politicians and their hacks some of which will be used to buy you again come next election


  2. The problem in SLU is we allow small issues to become major problems.

    Three years and to date it cannot be addressed? What a shame!!!!


  3. The shoes is on the other foot constables attached to general duties are pleading for ac at this station when all other offices are well conditioned


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