Leadership changes at Bay Gardens Resorts

Leadership changes at Bay Gardens Resorts

PRESS RELEASE – The locally owned and operated award-winning resort chain, Bay Gardens Resorts in St. Lucia, announced today that it has made key leadership changes.

The Bay Gardens Resorts Board of directors, who have spent significant time strategizing the way forward in 2017, recently announced a number of personnel moves at the senior leadership level that they believe will take Bay Gardens Resorts to the next level.unnamed-1


Mrs. Berthia Parle, who has been the brand flag bearer for over two decades, will be relinquishing the General Manager position at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa, in order to focus her attention on preparing the Bay Gardens brand for expansion and diversification. In the coming weeks, she will step away from the active day to day management and will serve as a special advisor to the Board in charge of Business Development.

Ms. Waltrude Patrick, who has been a part of the Bay Gardens family for over 15 years, will take on the position of General Manger of the flagship property, the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa. Ms. Patrick started as the General Manager of the Bay Gardens Inn in 2002, and led the property to a number of international awards. In 2009, she took over the Bay Gardens Hotel under very challenging circumstances and helped engineer a dramatic turnaround in the Hotel’s fortunes. Her hands on, personalized approach to property and personal management are hallmarks of the Bay Gardens culture.  


Ms. Cheryl Gustave, who has been the assistant General Manager and Front Office Manager for Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa since inception, will be the new General Manager of the Bay Gardens Hotel and Inn. Her achievements as an industry professional have been nothing short of extraordinary. She has been a two time winner of the Manager of the Year award and was enshrined into the Bay Gardens Hall of Fame, when it became clear that she would most likely walk away with the award year after year. Ms. Gustave’s all around operational excellence has been recognized by the board, due to her ability to run the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa as acting General Manager often on long stints on many occasions.


Chef Dave Parker, who also has been with the company for many years first starting as an Executive Chef, will fill the very important role of Assistant General Manager of the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa. Chef Parker’s reach and responsibilities have been expanded to many other areas of operations in the past few years, due to his interest in seeing the properties develop in all departments. Having presided over consecutive years of improved performance in the fastest growing department, Chef Parker, a two time winner of the Manager of the Year, has gone from being the Executive Chef of the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa, to becoming the Food & Beverage Director of all three resort properties, and will continue this extremely critical role while being the Assistant General Manager.

“With these key leadership changes, we hope to continue to provide excellence in service to all our guests and partners” said Executive Director, Mr. Sanovnik Destang.

These leadership changes will take effect on March 1st, 2017, as all four remarkable individuals will be very busy over the coming weeks as they adjust to their new roles.

The Bay Gardens Resorts Board of Directors, Management and Staff would like to congratulate Mrs. Berthia Parle, Ms. Waltrude Patrick, Ms. Cheryl Gustave and Chef Dave Parker on their achievements and wish them the very best in their new roles.


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  1. Hats off to this young Lucian property owner. Following in his parents footsteps by hiring and promoting local talent. i am proud of this Lucian brand. Congratulations to the Bay Gardens brand for making us proud. I recommend that Bay Gardens be designated a national treasure. Not much is Saint Lucian today #dismissubaldus


    • A welcomed change of scenery. Though, the boardroom is still populated by men. 8/10 members of a board wil be men, not because we want it that way, but there are simply no women to fill these roles. Women generally dont wish to rise above a certain level due to familial responsibilities. Thus our businesses should be more accommodating to support them more, after school day care service, transportation etc.


    • The 'men' are in the same positions in a thousand other companies. Congrats my sisters on a job well done! We need to lift up our ladies in all positions, but especially those in senior management for their hard work and dedication. Congrats also chef..


  2. This is a very positive move.
    I know that Waltrude , Cheryl & Dave are capable.
    Hats off to the pioneering spirit of Berthia and the support she has from The board of Management, this move is very well deserving.


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