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Leader of the Opposition to visit New York


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Hon. Philip J. Pierre

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition Hon. Philip J. Pierre will visit New York later this week, ending Friday, February 9, 2018.

During his stay in New York, the Leader of the Opposition will host a town hall style meeting with Saint Lucians residing in New York and its environs.

The objective is to conduct an open discussion with the community on matters of importance to the Saint Lucian citizenry.

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 671 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, New York 11216 between Bedford and Franklin from 6pm.

In addition to the meeting with the diaspora, Hon. Pierre will also profit the opportunity to partake in independence festivities along with fellow Saint Lucians

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  1. who cares peep you will only be preaching to the converted the Stupid Lazy People (SLP) waiting for handouts
    i wonder how many times you will use the word
    your favorite words

  2. the people left saint lucia for good for them to get a better life some of them even say good ridance so who says their comments even matter for here anymore. you yourself piere can stay up there and dont come back

    • Economics does not care about your feelings sir. Currently, St. Lucia receives over US$20 million from Lucians living overseas who send money to their relatives here. This is keeping many families down here from falling into poverty.

      Now if you think about our unemployment problem, Our small economy cannot accommodate our relatively large workforce, would it be better to have our unemployed doing nothing or send them to work overseas and have them send the money back home. It would reduce unemployment and crime while increasing GDP and foreign currency inflows.

      International worker remittances is a viable economic strategy which has had success in many countries.

      It is always a good idea to put your subjective biases aside and observe the situation based on the facts.

  3. Yes Pierre, you must be happy. You got a little trip. Enjoy !


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