Leader of the Opposition and UWP congratulate Darren Sammy and West Indies team

Leader of the Opposition and UWP congratulate Darren Sammy and West Indies team

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Stephenson King and the United Workers Party conveys with elation and great pride, our kudos to Saint Lucian Captain Darren Sammy and entire West Indies Cricket team on their historical and symbolically significant victory of  the 2012 World Twenty 20 Championship.

The team’s victory injected a rush of pride and dignity to all West Indians by proving once again that we are truly a great people.

The UWP shares in that collective pride and joy which all West Indians at home and in the diaspora must feel at this time. We pay tribute to all who have contributed in nurturing Darren’s rise to success – his parents and family, his hometown community of Dugard, Micoud; teachers, coaches and Administrators.

As a nation we all should be truly proud that Darren’s leadership served as the instrument that would allow us to once again savour the “glory days” of the past. This is a time for praise and recognition to all (past and current) around and within the structure of the West Indies team who played a part in contributing to and constructing a victory which means so much to us as a people.

It is our wish that the Government of Saint Lucia will collaborate with the relevant partners in ensuring that both Captain Darren Sammy and his Saint Lucian teammate Johnson Charles receive a heroes’ welcome when they return to the island on Wednesday of this week. This victory by the West Indies Cricket team should be seen not just for its symbolism.

In many ways the victory should be used as a foundation for the growth and development of a team and sport that means so much for West Indian nationhood. Our leaders at the national and regional level should look to exploit the opportunity presented through this moment to inspire hope and greatness in our youth, our people generally and our Caribbean nation. This victory provides us with a glimmer of hope in a period of immense challenges for the region.

Caricom Heads of Government should therefore move with dispatch to honour and pay tribute to the West Indies Cricket team and further to identify avenues through which this significant victory can be translated into practical benefit for our people. We must now recommit to providing the necessary support for the further growth and development of the team and the sport altogether.

Caricom needs to work closely with the West Indies Cricket Board in devising a plan of action that would make the necessary resources available to develop the institutional framework for the sustained growth and development of a sport which forms the bedrock of Caribbean society.

The Leader of the Opposition and the United Workers Party salutes the success of Captain Darren Sammy and the West Indies Cricket team. We take this opportunity to pledge our support currently and in future positions of authority to lobby for and facilitate the growth of this great sport.

UWP Secretariat
Vide Boutielle
Saint Lucia


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  1. Hope the SLP gives him a hell of a victory parade, a big parcel of land, and a beautiful home. Now that's a hero welcome to me he deserves it and more thanks.


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