Leader of the Opposition addresses “Caribbean Women of Political Distinction”

Leader of the Opposition addresses “Caribbean Women of Political  Distinction”
Dr. Rigobert
Dr. Rigobert

The Leader of the Opposition and MP for Micoud North, Dr. Gale Rigobert has just concluded a visit to St. Croix (USVI) where she was invited to address a forum entitled “Caribbean Women of Political Distinction”.

The event which took place on Saturday October 18th, saw other guest speakers including Congresswoman Yvette Clarke from New York and gubernatorial candidate Dr. Donna Christensen.

Dr. Rigobert’s presentation focused on “discrimination against women’s participation in obtaining the highest seats in government”, and the “need to train and mentor young women to attain positions of political leadership”.

Dr. Rigobert began her presentation with the assertion that “the necessity for Caribbean female or women candidates to promote themselves or one another as women will one day disappear.” She reminded colleagues that “female politicians can enjoy the privilege of being in public office, because generations of women have lost their lives, suffered abuse, embarrassment, humiliation, shed blood, invested sweat and tears, all for country”.

She implored the attendees to do more so that the next generation of female politicians will not have to confront the same challenges that women politicians like herself do today. She challenged her peers, to exert greater effort – to make tangible provisions for future generations and warned that their legacy should not be “… that you were – the first – or only woman to have done ‘such and such’”. She declared, “The hallmark of a true leader is that he/she would have replicated him or herself several times over, so that good succession is assured.”

Dr. Rigobert encouraged her colleagues to “… reject, refute and breakdown the socio-linguistic framework that seeks to define women in such a way that suggests that women are better suited for certain professions more so than others”.


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  1. Okay Gail, so the bald head was good whilst it lasted. I think that it is time to change hair style. I notice a trend. Every time a woman get some high position, either she put some dreads or she get a bald head. What's up with that?


  2. The people of st croix enjoyed to have one of our own to deliver such speech and to also encourage young women and women generally to participate in stuff like that cause one day women can run the world good job


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