LAZY LUCIAN MAN: “His main contributions are the groceries and sex”

LAZY LUCIAN MAN: “His main contributions are the groceries and sex”

Dear Willie:
 I need to know, how should a man show his woman that he cares?

After 15 years in a relationship I feel exhausted. Why? It’s because I do every single thing alone. I have to wash the dishes, do the laundry, do the cleaning, prepare his breakfast, prepare food for him to go work, and prepare dinner. In fact, I do all the work and he sits there and continues to leave the place in a mess. It’s exhausting. Everyday after working so hard I have to come back home to work like a slave. I complain about it but nothing is being done.

Furthermore, I will do anything for my boyfriend. I treat him good. I always buy him presents for every occasion: birthday, Valentines and Christmas. And I only get a gift once in a while on my birthday. He don’t give me money. He never sends me on a shopping spree. He never spoils me. I pay for everything I own as well as my bills. His main contributions are the groceries and sex.

My salary is more than his, but there are simple things you can do to make a woman see you care. At least one day tell me rest and do all the chores.
Dear Miss: Interestingly you stated: “He never spoils me”. The problem here is, YOU ‘spoil’ the man.

And 15 years and he hasn’t put a ring on it?

You need to sit this man down and tell him your concerns and if he does not want to listen you must do something about it. Either you cut back on your gifts and chores or you kick him out the house, or leave. Simple.

A lot of men out there are looking a woman like you. He is too comfortable. Start the communication process and/or the cutting-back process.


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  1. Groceries n sex is all i give my wife, no valentines, no christmas nun else if I was married for 15 years I would suspect is my wife dat write dat letter lolol, I feed you n change your oil for you n you want more than that? plus u makin more money than I make, you should be takin care of me.....


  2. This is just appalling, for a man to think it is ok to just sit around while the woman does everything including paying all the bills. Further more what are you even doing with this boy? this is not a man. You a are more of a mother to him than a girlfriend. Besides 15 years ! my goodness
    by then you should be married and in this case you might as well set your self free.


  3. alot of women who do that to men have self confidence issues and the men qucikly take advantage of that, im not saying you cant be infatuated with your partner but most time the courage to leave is not there because of not having confidence in one self.


  4. Wondering why in this day and age, men still think it's ok to reach home and sit! Jah! As if you put a maid in the house!!!


  5. After 15 years of supporting and cleaning after a lazy, no-good, sounding-like-a-dead-beat man, why would I even want to marry that piece of 's#?T" woman I am sure you are the owner of the house or the one who rented the house and paying the rent. Put that piece of 'S#?t' out sex or no.


  6. some people stay in relationships that they are unhappy with just for them to say they in one ...or for people to be like mama yourll still together ...little do the outsiders know they aint happy at all... just to people society... poor jab.. there is life and happiness in being single...


  7. Don't think it good enough 15 yrs and the man have not been doing anything. And some people are saying because he buy groceries he help out .man that's crap you need to help out with the how's work if she cook he can wash.girl you have to sit that man down n say what's on your mind


  8. Well you see my lady enjoy your man, cause if I approach you. U ain't go want me. My gf comes at my home lies on the bed watching tv, relax whiles I ironing. I bring whatever she wants in bed for her. If she ever tries to make me clean or cook on Saturday when I watching fball she will do ALL the work, cause thats my football time. You sound like you want to demand from the man and talk to him like a lil boy. Try a different approach but if it's football he watching don't bother him.


  9. ONLY A FOOLISH WOMAN THINKS SHE CAN CHANGE A MAN...wasting your life if is only one man on earth..choopsss


  10. Everyone saying after so long he ehh see it fit to marry you..didn't she find it necessary to remove herself from that relationship a long time ago...what I am seeing in this relationship is a man who his spoiled rotten by his woman then she started nagging him about it . The guy is obviously lazy and comfortable in his ways.But who do you blame.. If she had taken responsibility at the beginning and told him that there are things she wouldn't accept in a relationship and stood her ground then I'm pretty sure that this story would not have been published
    today... You made your bed dear now you have to sleep in it.
    P.s: you are probably one of the parents with the "troublesome" kids as well.
    No self respect no discipline.