Lawrence Aimable refuses to forget St. Lucia

Lawrence Aimable refuses to forget St. Lucia
Lawrence Aimable holding the German DFB* Cup 2020 with Left-Back Alphonso Davies (19) Photo: Courtesy Lawrence Aimable

By Ara Stanislas, The Marchand Project

(PRESS RELEASE) — People born on St Lucia have, over decades, travelled and settled around the world in what has been termed “brain drain”; all in pursuit of a “better life” in the place they may come to call “home away from home”.

One such son of the soil is Lawrence Aimable who for a lengthy part of his life has made his energetic contribution to German society in Munich, Bavaria. No short of overflowing, enthusiastic energy is what Lawrence is in constant need of to work with FC Bayern Munich, and that is what he has done, unflinchingly, since 2004 as Equipment Manager. On foot for the team; he ensures their gear, from footballs to full outfits, is ready and in proper order for training, pre-season preparation and away games.

FC Bayern is “Champions of Europe” (again) after their UEFA Champions League win on August 23rd 2020 against Paris` Saint Germain.
Over the years FCB has become “like family to me” said Lawrence, having worked with FC Bayern München since 2001. He has travelled the world over with the team.

Such a close connection with the Champion collective has not caused a cut in Lawrence´s ties to St Lucia and although his job is a constant reminder of his unrealised dream of becoming a football star, he realises that his dream is doubtlessly being dreamt by countless young boys and girls St Lucia wide. That is why Lawrence has made further connections through The Marchand Project to have footballs donated to Youth Football in the Marchand Community. A humble help that will go together with the bounding energy of their coaches and teachers, training them in the game, to enable a boy or a girl live their dream – Our Dreams.

Asked whether the “Champions of Europe” would come to St Lucia sometime? Lawrence laughs; for now, we can contiue to have new or nearly new kit. Having the “Champions of Europe” themselves in St Lucia is something to wish for.
Lawrence, of course, can be found in St Lucia, during off season, as often as twice a year soaking up the sun, sights, sounds and sensations only St Lucia can offer

Hear an experience in his time with the “Champions of Europe”.
One game the Team was having such a difficult run of it, several of the players got injured. The (then) coach asked Lawrence if he would sit on the substitute bench so it would not look so empty…. Lawrence sure can pass for a footballer. He keeps himself in top fit shape.
Offering that opportunity for constant physical activity, training and community resource development is what The Marchand Project team has made their mission. A vision of the Marchand Grounds, Mindoo Phillip Park and James A Belgrave Sports complex space together transformed into a Sporting Village in Marchand.
Lawrence Aimable´s offered support to the mission is more than one simple donation of second foot footballs, rather his gesture joins with countless valuable contributions from St Lucians abroad and at home, who share in reversing the flow of “brain drain” to brain gain into St Lucia.



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