Launch of the “Protect our Children” initiative

Launch of the “Protect our Children” initiative

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association announces the launch of an initiative aimed at protecting the nation’s children from abuse in all its forms, be it verbal, physical or sexual.

This will be done in collaboration with other stakeholders such as, the Department of Health, Department Human Services, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, RISE Saint Lucia Inc. and other civil society organisations. It will be a follow up to our “Good Touch/Bad Touch” programme which was launched in 2006 and aimed to sensitize children on the issue of inappropriate touching as well as equip medical practitioners, teachers and all concerned citizens with the knowledge to recognise victims of abuse.

Saint Lucia is a signatory to the convention on the rights of the child, yet abuse of minors remain a pervasive issue, the negative implications of which be it short or long term are seldomly highlighted.

“Protect our Children” forms part of our continued outreach to the communities which we serve. Our aim is to ensure that every citizen is made aware of the fact that preventing childhood abuse and trauma can only augur well for the future of our country as it pertains to reducing, among other societal ills, the burden of crime and violence and their associated impact on the healthcare system and overall development of our beloved nation.

Now is indeed the time. Let’s protect our children together!


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