Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival commences with the showing of two films

Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival commences with the showing of two films

erichPRESS RELEASE – The Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival commences today with the showing of two (2) films from Venezuela:  “The Blue Apple Tree” (1:00 p.m.) and “The Liberator” (6:30 p.m.)

As part of this cultural exchange exercise, Venezuelan actor Erich Wildpret (supporting actor from “The Liberator”) will be holding a Conversation Forum on Tuesday 10th November from 4:30 p.m. at the National Cultural Centre.

On Tuesday, 10th November, the Argentinian films, “The Tooth Fairy” (1:00 p.m.) and “My First Wedding” (6:30 p.m.) will be shown.
Erich Wildpret Bio

He studied at the Venezuelan National School of Theatre. He launched his career with a series of performances in theatricals and motion films, which has made him one of the most promising in the Performing Arts in Venezuela.

He has been in theatre for 18 years, and has gone on to further his studies in Mexico and England. His dedication has won him important acting opportunities in Los Angeles and as well as a never ending demand for his talent in Venezuela, which has kept him active and in the spotlight.

In the film “The Liberator”, Erich Wildpred plays the very important  supporting role as the character, Antonio José de Sucre, a hero and the loyal friend of Bolivar who was a renown military strategist and a fundamental instrument in achieving the Independence of such nations as Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

For his longstanding dedication to his career and outstanding performances, the Venezuelan actor has been bestowed with the Frailejon Award, Star Award, CNAC Award, Marco Antonio Ettedgui Award and the National Artist’s Award for best actor.

He has played a variety roles over the years, both Venezuelan and Foreign, directed and starred in well known Venezuelan films such as: Memories of a Soldier (Memorias de un Soldado), Eternal Ashes (Cenizas Eternas) and Death on High Contrast (Muerte en alto Contraste), The Zero Hour, Samuel, (Feet in the Air) Patas Arriba, A Distant Place, (Unauthorized) Desautorizados, Pure Jewels (Puras Joyitas), Ellipsis and Love in Concrete, to mention a few.


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