Latin America rejects OAS call to cancel Venezuela elections

Latin America rejects OAS call to cancel Venezuela elections
Venezuelan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Samuel Moncada
Venezuelan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Samuel Moncada

(TELESUR ENGLISH) – Venezuelan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for North America Samuel Moncada accused the OAS of promoting violence and destabilization.

Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador have rejected a resolution by the Organization of American States (OAS) requiring Venezuela to cancel its planned April 22 presidential elections.

Late Friday, Venezuelan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for North America Samuel Moncada accused the OAS of promoting violence and destabilization in the Latin American nation.

Speaking from OAS headquarters, Moncada – also a United Nations representative – said the organization was trying to install a government that would bow to the interests of the United States.

“We reject this new aggression by a group of OAS states that persist in seeking to protect Venezuela in flagrant violation of international law, disrespect for the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples,” Moncada told the Permanent Council of the OAS.

He also rejected the resolution proposed by Mexico and the United States for Venezuela to reconsider the presidential elections.

A formal statement issued earlier on Friday and presented by Nicaragua’s First Lady and Vice-President Rosario Murillo said: “The government of Nicaragua ratifies its invariable, principled position on respect for the sovereignty and independence of States and peoples.”

The statement went on to reiterate the Daniel Ortega administration’s “support for Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian people in the defense of its institutions, its legislation and its own, sovereign and independent decisions.”

Ortega had refused to attend the OAS meeting called late Thursday on the grounds that it concerned “interventionist declarations and resolutions” against the Venezuelan government and people.

Luis Alvarado, Nicaragua’s ambassador to the OAS, said the government would not endorse the council or its agenda, which he described as “illegitimate, illegal and violating international law.”

The date for Venezuela’s presidential elections was set after the opposition refused to sign an agreement with the government following prolonged dialogue in the Dominican Republic aimed at restoring peaceful relations between the two parties.

The opposition Democratic Unity Table (MUD) has since confirmed it will not take part in the April 22 elections.


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  1. I more think it's moomoo tablets twice. Some of these idiots supporting the USA are unable to tell you why they support that country. If America was the country it claim to be we in st Lucia would enjoy a much higher standard of living.


  2. The US dollar is worthless unless the US exercises its hegemony over all oil assets around the world!

    Hence, the US has prosecuted illegal oil wars to maintain its chimeric hegemony; with Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) being its most infamous action, and Libya & Syria being the most recent!

    Right in its own backyard is Venezuela, with the world’s largest proven reserves of oil, which has rebuffed all foul attempts by US regimes to overthrow the legitimately-elected government of the Bolivarian Republic. The US has tried to prevent them from using the proceeds of the nation’s wealth for the common good of its citizens, instead of letting it be stolen by US oil companies.

    The irony is that where the US used to pretend they were bringing “democracy” to the target countries they sought to sack and pillage; they are now taking the opposite tack: They want to curtail the democratic rights of the Venezuelan citizens to have what have been the freest and the fairest elections in the world, and thus choose a government that will be a righteous steward of their common wealth.
    China and Russia have recently embarked on block-chain initiatives that will free them of ties to the petro-US$, and they are too big to be bullied by the US, either militarily, or via illegal economic sanctions.

    Hence, the US, desperate to keep running the “protection racket” that extorts hegemony over the vital assets of non-NATO and non-5-eyes countries for its oligarchs, is targeting Venezuela; their program of sacking and pillaging in Syria was not successful as their campaign in Libya, because Russia stopped it dead in its tracks!


  3. The CARICOM compatriots will have no understanding of american imperialism. so they will continue to revel in their ignorance stupefied under the influence of moomoo tablets. viv la revolucion!


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