“Last year… there was literally no debate on the budget…” – Minister Belrose reminds

By SNO Staff

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Minister Belrose

Minister Belrose

Minister for Local Government and Culture Fortuna Berose has criticised the opposition’s parliament boycott, calling it pathetic and childish.

The House of Assembly was noticeably emptier Thursday morning (June 22) after three opposition senators of the main opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) – Joachim Henry, Guibion Ferdinand and Jerome Gideon – reportedly boycotted the proceedings – which still went on to advance the debate on the Appropriations Bill.

The boycott follows the June 20 walk-out by opposition MPS during the second sitting of the House for the debate on the Appropriations Bill.

“I think it is sad that they are not there. The people have placed us there to do their work and what we have to do is to be men and not little boys and respond appropriately to developments in our country. We need to have respect for each other and there was nothing wrong in the way the PM ended the debate,” she said.

“Last year, if you recall, there was literally no debate on the budget of expenditure and so it’s just so sad and pathetic, you know, in terms of what is happening, but we are focused on the agenda of the people and that’s where our government is,” she added.

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  1. Let us not forget that the previous admin left office without having a budget, I.e. from April 2016 to March 2017. That would have left the current admin literally scratching for money. Minister Belrose seem to have a short memory or she may have just "put her foot in her mouth". To say that there was no debate on the budget would be out of cloud cuckoo. It would be better to remark that there was NO BUDGET at all last year.

    • A budget is like a purse or wallet. It does not mean that there is real money in it. It may be packed up with hot air and empty words, as would a wallet stuffed with bills to be paid.

      That is what SLP left. The SLP left mainly bills to be paid. All the loans that must be repaid this year, have to be paid. If there is no money, the government may just have to borrow, or ask for time extensions to pay its lenders.

      Try to understand the foolish game that voters fool themselves with, when they speak, or at election time.

      • Nonsense a budget is balanced against the financial ability of the Government. It the richer countries it is balanced against bullion, gold bullion. But the general idea is that once it is budgeted and executed, the Government will pay (because it can).

        • Hope no party or private sector business makes you a manager of anything other than your mouth. You are one hell of idiot. You know absolutely nothing about, money, finance or budgets. Are you that dumb? You are such an embarrassment.

        • Why did the chicken cross the road? Why the Opposition walk out?

        • Since when did we become a damn rich country. Are you another SLP idiot? We need solutions for poor countries you fool, and not for 'richer countries'.

          Deal with what we are, or who we are. Get off the bar stool, and stop guzzling beer as the diet drink for your soggy brains.

  2. Belrose you should have just kept quiet 1st year in power n shate alone going on in the country.

  3. Someone please remind Fortuna Belrose that they came in under a mandate of change. So the excuse that it "was done under the previous administration" is inexcusable.......pathetic even.

    • Good point ! Of course the last Administration , in fact, the last Prime Minister, made some blatant mistakes. But what will distinguish the current Administration from the last one, if the current Administration behaves just like the past Administration? In other words, why did we effect a change in our political representation, if, in the final analysis, the "new" Administration becomes indistinguishable from the "old" Administration in both style and purpose ?

  4. Does it happening last year mean it is right. Politicians on Both sides must stop using the "They used to do the same to justify nonsensical and asinine behaviours. this government must stop- hijacking the processes of government and democracy and justify their actions with these lame excuses. i have heard politicians from the opposite side make contributions and criticisms that become policy the next year. Ask about Sir John when Odlum and Josie were in opposition. The government's first budget was an opportunity for each minister (all are in the houses of parliament) to indicate to the nation the policies and directions that they are taking. to say this Minister Belrose is saying that they had nothing to tell the nation about where they are taking it.

  5. How Quickly You Forget

    Yeah, they put them out for such rubbish, yet you keep repeating the same foolish errors....keep digging your own graves!!!

  6. Tropical trump is the ultimate god. He hires and fires.Who is next to go? Tow the line or you are gone. I(tropical trump) make my own laws and protocols because I am almighty and all knowing. From now on I am the law. He must know that his actions speak louder than his words.

  7. Tropical trump is the ultimate god. He hires and fires.Who is next to go. Tow the line or you are gone. I(tropical trump) make my own laws and protocols because I am almighty and all knowing. Can anyone trust the words coming from his mouth?

  8. The opposition walkout is clearly not understood.

    The reason was because the PM refused to allow his key members to make contributions to the debate when it was their turn. Rather he cut the process to prevent further contributions by the opposition as well, and just moved to the closing remarks.

    That's worse than anything that has happened before. So we have a major crime and social issues and clueless as to how the govt will deal with those. No one has articilated how the infrastructure budget will be spent to deal with traffic congestion and tge multi-million dollar airport. Nothing on sports and the youth. That's what we really lost, by his actions.

    Democracy was short changed.

    The govt has the numerical advantage in the House and they are failing to play a leadership role.

  9. "Last year, if you recall, there was literally no debate on the budget of expenditure".............. So does that make it ok to go from bad to worse????

  10. The Labour Party is the strongest when in opposition, that's where they belong. There is no opposition in the World that can beat the Labour Party while in opposition and that's why they will remain in opposition. Shawn and Hilaire it time to get out of that mess. There is nothing call Loyalty anymore.


    The people of St Lucia has questions and they demand answers. Why did the opposition walk out of the house. ? We need to hear from the opposition, other wise we will think it was malicious intent , to disrupt the house with no good reason . === we need to know now. ===

    • So, one bad turn deserves another? Is that what you Belrose postulating? Hogwash! Also, you should be the ones with integrity . . . and this is absent!


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