Laptop program on course as new shipment arrives in St. Lucia

Laptop program on course as new shipment arrives in St. Lucia

Laptops-for-students0PRESS RELEASE – Over the past four years, the Government of Saint Lucia has made a concerted effort to enable universal access to computers.

By establishing the ‘One Laptop Per Child Programme,’ the Government of Saint Lucia has, in effect, facilitated easy access to information through the use of modern technology.

With this, Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony is pleased to announce that exactly 3,840 laptops, 550 desktops and 125 projectors arrived safely to Port Castries from the Republic of China (Taiwan) on Monday, February 15, 2016.

The ‘One Laptop Per Child Programme’ was, in 2016, funded by the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the tune of EC$3.75 million.

The Government of China (Taiwan) also funded the Government-initiated ‘Teacher Training Programme,’ an islandwide initiative to equip educators with the skills and resources to effectively integrate the use of Information and Communication Technology in the classroom.

The generous contribution to the development of the education sector will ensure every single child in Form Three receives a notebook PC operating on Windows 10, supplied by Taiwanese manufacturing company, Asus.

The Government of Saint Lucia will announce a special handing over ceremony for the Laptop Programme in due course.

The Laptop Programme was supported by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in its inaugural year, 2014 and in the second year by the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.



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  1. how can it is that this set of laptops are so great but the one given last year are toys


  2. After reading the comment by "Investigator" I realised that the release has not mentioned of the impact of the laptop program since its inception. I think that is important because I have heard that teacher are not in favor of the program. I too have seen student failed because they were given a laptop.


    • Teachers and former students from Saint Lucia' Teachers' Training College have had neither instructors nor lecturers who understand the first damn thing about educational outcomes. How the hell do you expect that an evaluation and measurement as an assessment of impact and outcomes of experiments like the laptop programme will ever be part of their thinking? You are asking them to make silk purses out of the ears of sows, now?

      In the USA a similar programme in California went belly up. The jokers in Saint Lucia's government are just "me-too" copy-cats. We have the history before us, VAT, CIP and laptops in schools. Monkey see, monkey do government is not a substitute for careful planning and execution. You need more powerful grey matter than what exists in the unthinking undiluted mimicry that is the be all and end of the SLP. They call that better days.


  3. Being aware of the cons of technology, I always had my concern about this laptop program. I have always been asking myself, why haven't this boastful government not make public the positive effects of the laptop program. I am starting to wonder if it is making more harm to the students than good. I read a letter to the STAR newspaper 2 weekends ago which was an eye opener. Is the government using this laptop program as a political campaign tool. The timing is suspicious. I will encourage all parents to do some reading on the effects of smartphone and laptop on students. Whiles a computer can be a very good tool which assist in completing school project etc, I believe a laptop,being portable, (out of the classroom) can be destructive. Remember do some reading.


    • i dont know if you're hiding under a rock...but if i were you...i'd be more concerned about the upbringing of the child whom inherits the laptop, as it will drastically impact what they decide to do with such a powerful tool. Putting politics aside, this is good for our children, but as a nation we need to Raise our children with good ethics and moral practices and we wouldn't have to worry what they do being our backs.


  4. This is all about election vibes. Half of the students who receive these computers do not put it to proper use. They are on all types of adult websites instead of focusing on school. This computer initiative have been a failure. If its objective was to push children to learn it has done the opposite. And by the way what mechanism is being put into place to block access to adult websites and other sites aimed at corrupting our children?


  5. "one Laptop per Child" is not the initiative of the Government of St. Lucia it is the initiative of an international organisation I think there should be a distinction.

    While i welcome this initiative in terms of children receiving hardware, but hardware is useless if there is not access to information.

    With the current policies in St. Lucia which makes the biggest hoarder of information to be the government, access to information is very difficult.

    It has had a huge negative impact on our economy and our ease of doing business.

    In a global economy where the elements of being innovative, smart and information literate are essential we cannot continue on the present course.

    Government should change its present policies to being conservative with information and pass laws such as freedom of information act so that students and businesses can grow the economy.

    Take the recent issue of unemployment figures, where citizens are denied the real information and instead use as a political football. the citizens must demand more from its government for its survival in today's world.


  6. What plans does the government have in relation to improving the curriculum?
    It was only late 2015 Robert Lewis went of to Barbados which is only approximately 40 mins away to get first hand experience of how their special needs education and Technical Vocational Education Training was working. (Note how long SLP government has been boasting their Universal secondary school education and have the audacity to call it progress).
    They boast Universal Secondary School education, but it would be interesting to note how many of those students actually can write CXC and how many actually pass 5 subjects. What we currently offer does it allow the students especially in the lower secondary schools to be good fits for the work environment?
    Is there any evidence that with the introduction of the laptops, teachers have seen an improvements? I wish someone could answer that.
    Why boast the number of physical structures you build and label it progress , when what you presently offer is a huge disadvantage to many students. Placing those students in schools with the current curriculum is simply housing those students until they reach the legal age.
    I wish all that money spent on laptops were actually used to improve the curriculum so that students could feel empowered and actually have an entrepreneurial mindset from early.
    Perhaps ICT centres in the community could have done the jobs in the meantime so children and community members could have access while heavy focus could have placed on Technical Vocational Education Training.
    It is high time we improve our education system. It is the 21st century, there is absolutely no excuse.


    • Nicely put. In my opinion we do not have Universal Secondary Education. We have Universal Secondary School Place where every child is guaranteed a PLACE in a secondary school, but not necessarily an Education. This in fact highlights deficits at the primary schools but we don't care about that. We prefer to hold a grand ceremony to release the result of the CEE when all this does is ensure that the majority of teachers will only pay attention to the students who will help their schools finish at the top. The rest of the students, well . . . we give them a place in a secondary school. Not saying that USE is a bad thing, but we don't have USE. But who cares, this is St. Lucia where we are happy . . .


      • A million thank yous! You just nailed it! Our PM always has a show with little or no substance. Because the initiative is NOT backed up with any NATIONAL sense of direction, these things are little more than toys. The givers and the kids that receive them are just kidding around. From top to bottom, SLP has lost its way. Only those like Bram Bram will be fooled. But the jokers that make up the top brass of the party are trying hard to continue in the same vein. They continue to live in their country-side country-buck cocoons.


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