Lambirds Academy students say they are tired of waiting

Lambirds Academy students say they are tired of waiting


Almost ten months after the Lambirds Academy scandal was brought to light, students who claim they paid thousands of dollars to pursue studies at the institution, remain stranded here.

A female student told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today (Nov.19) that everyone’s patience is running out, because months have passed and nothing substantial has come out of the court cases.

The student said she and her colleagues were recently relocated from the Pastoral Centre in Gros Islet to another place in La Clery, which she said is a bit more comfortable.

But despite this, the student explained to this newspaper that she and her colleagues are anxious about returning home and are still hopeful that they would get back their money in full.

She said officials from the government met with them on Thursday, November 5, to update them on the court case and they were encouraged to remain calm and not to give up.

“We are just hoping that it will come to an end soon, because nothing has changed. We are here with nothing to do, and nowhere to go. We are tired of waiting,” she lamented.

Another male student told SNO that he cant wait for the matter to end, so he too could be refunded in full and return to his family and put this “horrible” incident behind him.

The Nepalese student said that he misses his wife and child who he haven’t seen or spoken to properly for months. He also expressed deep regret signing up with Lambirds, stating that his life has been put on pause.

A female student had also given birth to a child here. The baby is now five months old.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lambirds Academy Dr. Iftekhar Shams was recently cleared of money laundering charges brought against him by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

However, he still faces a human trafficking charge, as well as charges of obtaining by deception.

His attorney Marcus Foster has said that he will be making further applications for his release.

The CEO and two other Asian men have been accused of luring a number of foreigners here, with promises of an education and jobs overseas.

The students are mainly from Nepal, India and the Philippines. They claimed that they each paid US$9, 000 for the courses and US$13,000 to get to St. Lucia, to undertake various courses.

However on arrival here, they were told by law enforcement authorities that they had been duped.

The next court hearing is set to take place on November 26.


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  1. The government has to make Shams pay our Treasury back all the money spent on this case. The students can have the balance. Send them home, first class and end this ordeal. Its an expensive embarrassment to our nation."

    While the points that the issue has been expensive and an embarrassment to us is true it does follow that we are to accept our losses due to our incompetence at due diligence. The government and its agencies dropped the ball.

    Even further, a Minister approved a license under questionable circumstances. Don't try to sweep that fact under the carpet. Lack of due diligence has reared its ugly head again in the Jaffali matter.

    Do you now have any confidence in Citizen By Investment Programme? Are these dealings money and corruption scandals? Considering that we know that the country is broke.


  2. This is a scam that must not go unpunished. A stiff message must
    be sent to all miscreants as a warning that the citizens of this
    country will no longer tolerate any such criminal behavior, be it
    supported and approved by high ranking government officials
    and even they too must be brought to justice. The three individuals
    involved must face jail time and the public demand answers to
    many questions. Why is a speaker of the House involved ion that?
    why has he said the other charges will also be dismissed? who got paid?


  3. we are very grateful to all the st lucians for their help and support and encouragement they had given us.. but the thing is we expected something will happen sooner so we waited till 10 since nothing happened, we cannot wait for life time.. we want to start things fresh..we want to live our life.. even, those who are in emergency because of family problems and are willing to produce their own ticket, arent being allowed to leave by the government? why is this so? we dont want to be more burden for the lucians who have done alot for pls let us go


  4. We tired of them. Convict Shams. Send the kids home. By the time this drama finish the government probably spend a $1million on the legal costs and feeding these kids...Much more than what Lambirds scammed from them. They cant get a full refund. The government has to make Shams pay our Treasury back all the money spent on this case. The students can have the balance. Send them home, first class and end this ordeal. Its an expensive embarassment to our nation.


  5. You are tired of waiting....................taxpayers are tired of spending money to keep you housed and fed.


  6. Those people might be related to the ones in ISIS so i think the government should try and get those students their money so that they can leave n


  7. sorry, but you'll took a risk, got scamed! I should go after everyone who have scamed me since i entered this country. In life you win some and you lose some this mess is long overdue. Go home to your families. It's OK to start all over!


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