Lambirds Academy saga settled; CEO still faces charges

By SNO Staff
Lambirds Academy students.

Lambirds Academy students.

Over two years of countless court hearings and equal delays, students of Lambirds Academy, have finally received a fair deal.

This is according to the island’s Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Daasrean Greene, who said the matter was settled through mediation between the owners of Lambirds Academy and the affected students.

The attorney representing Chief Executive Officer Dr. Iftekhar Shams, said that the students were reimbursed their tuition and other expenses incurred while on Saint Lucia.

“As it stands now, Dr. Shams is no longer facing the prospect of these charges hanging over his head any longer,” Shawn Innocent said, adding that the matter involving human trafficking is still pending.

Dr. Iftekhar Shams.

Dr. Iftekhar Shams.

Government will now decide whether the students could be repatriated to their home countries.

However, less than 20 of them remain in Saint Lucia and are witnesses to the human trafficking case.

The CEO and two other Asian men have been accused of luring them here, with promises of an education and jobs overseas.

The students are mainly from Nepal, India and the Philippines.

They claimed that they each paid US$9, 000 for the courses and US$13,000 to get to Saint Lucia, to undertake various courses.

However on arrival here, they were told by law enforcement authorities that they had been duped.

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  1. Why government of saint hold a money of students,who had send money at that lambirds college CEO account!i want to request for government to send back that all money to account of student bank account as a money seen transaction on his account.we had just send money for a visa but at that time school was closed by police of sainlucia.we hadnt travel to saint lucia also but our money stock at that ceo of lambirds can we get money back and what shall i do for it.pls anyone give me a suggestion to get back money which i had sent to ceo of lambirdsacademy.I need document too back tnepal.

  2. Hellow Sir .
    I am Sabal Lamichhane , one of the victim of Lambirds scam. I came back to my country some months ago after fulfiilling the court evidence giving process.if the case is setteled and we are getting our fee back then we students from Nepal who travelled to saint lucia and returned back to Nepal should also get our money back because we are all students , we paid equally.
    I have mailed to DPP office and I am trying to get in contact with DPP but I am not even getting mail replies and also nobody is answering my call.
    I would like to request the government to Saint Lucia to help us get our money back for those students who returned back to Nepal.
    I would also request stlucianewsonline to update the message to the DPP as well as our lawyers and supports to also help the students who returned to Nepal with their money back too.
    Thank you
    Sabal Lamichhane
    Lambirds victim from Nepal

  3. We quick to say, ship out but our own closet dirty as hell.we behaving like people without a heart. We received a warning yesterday at 3:55pm, with a 5.7 earthquake.

  4. Hope Dr. Iftekhar Shams gets deported out of st lucia when all is said and done. They DO NOT need anymore crooks on the island. Ship him out!!!!!! he's fired!!!!

  5. Finally. I wish them safe passage home. I hope Lambirds is heavily fined by the government to recuperate all the money the government spent housing and caring for these persons and the cost of the legal case. I talking about at least 1 million in fines Let's send a strong message to other nefarious off shore companies trying to get passed our lenient foreign investment laws .

    • that is so true these people destroyed our public image all over the world e i think saint lucia should be compensated for its name too and i think they should look at theses directors more closely cause they might want to register another business with another name and do more nonsense these people cant be trusted

      • You have ignored the due diligence which your own government has a responsibility to you to conduct. You cannot always blame a thief for acting like a thief as we have employed and is paying our government to protect us against them. When this fails someone is accountable or should be held responsible. Instead we had numerous government officials giving licenses and authorizations while accepting no responsibility for the failings of their vetting system. It was even reported that the main investigators were reassigned while the authorities continued to deny and resist calls to either account or be investigated. So in light of that why should we hold Lambirds totally responsible? There has been a failure of the system and until the problem is not found then the state has to bear full responsibility for allowing our borders to be so permeable and officials so gullible. A full inquiry is needed.

        • the government is too busy in their own personal world they don't care to do the jobs they are getting paid to do. it is what it is in st lucia every man for themselves

      • st lucia needs to do better screening and not allowing the devil in just because they flashing MONEY.


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