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Ladera named one of the best luxury hotels in the world

Press release

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– Ladera Resort in St. Lucia is recognized as one of the best luxury hotels in the world and best luxury hotel in St. Lucia according to the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014 list.

The resort is a romantic paradise situated 1,100 feet above the Caribbean Sea overlooking the Pitons featuring all villas and suites with an “open wall” featuring breathtaking views.

The World Luxury Hotel Awards is a recognized global organization providing luxury hotels all over the world with recognition for their world-class facilities and service excellence. The awards aim to encourage and raise service standards within the luxury hotel industry.

“We are delighted to receive this new accolade and thankful to our all St. Lucian team,” said Olivier Bottois, Ladera’s Vice President of Operations. “They truly are the best!”

Hotel guests vote based on the service excellence. Winners of the 2014 World Luxury Hotel Awards can be found by going to http://www.luxuryhotelawards.com/winners/2014-hotel-awards.

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  1. Utter local stigma and discrimination. You have to spend US$25.00 before they serve you. If you do not have money PLEASE do not go there. They make you feel uncomfortable as a local.

  2. Because is not a hotel form Castries thats y yall saying that smfh at yall I mean be proud of yall country smh idiots

  3. Dolor factor dere using her name and popularity to make it shine. Of course someone who is heading wants to shine too.

  4. Boucan, Hotel Chocolat also appears to be a winner.

  5. You are so right... only Sandals Gives back.. no matter what time of year it is.. Sandals Foundation..

  6. Yepp. There they go again!

    Tehy are reaping huge profits whilst pimping Fair Helen. Helen is a prostitute, getting whatever little she can get for serving up her body parts.

    These hotels except Sandals, are not giving back anything to the country except the stipulated low-level taxes that they keep on bitching about, and their low-paying jobs.


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