LAC take important steps to ensure transparency in environmental matters

LAC take important steps to ensure transparency in environmental matters


PRESS RELEASE – Fifteen governments of Latin America and the Caribbean met in San José,  Costa Rica on September 10 and 11, at the Seventh Meeting of the Working Groups of the Declaration of Principle 10 in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), where they agreed on the minimum contents for a regional instrument incorporating fundamental rights;  the right to life and a healthy environment, and to establish a set  of obligations for governments in the delivery of information, mechanisms for participation and effective access to justice.

The results of this meeting will have a huge impact on the lives of millions of people in LAC, and the agreements will form the basis of the instrument to be negotiated as part of the regional process for the implementation of Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

The Access Initiative (TAI) congratulates the Governments of Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Panamá and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for supporting the negotiation of a binding regional agreement, which establishes legal obligations for governments and which provides the requisite support for its implementation.

We hope that the other signatory countries support the negotiation from 2015 for a binding agreement, especially those who have had roles in coordinating this regional process.

There were twelve organizations from countries across the region representing the Access Initiative Latin America and the Caribbean (TAI). These organizations are working towards the implementation of access rights and have established regular contact with their governments to coordinate strategic actions to disclose the regional process to the public.

“It is noteworthy that so many Latin American Governments have already signed on to the Declaration and the Trust is optimistic that Saint Lucia and other Eastern Caribbean countries will follow the lead of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines soon as this initiative might just be the catalyst to improve how we handle environmental issues which will inevitably affect present and future generations,” said Karetta Crooks Charles, Communications and Advocacy Officer at the Saint Lucia National Trust.


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