Labour to table “no confidence” motion against government

Labour to table “no confidence” motion against government
Dr. Kenny Anthony (left) and Philip J. Pierre at a SLP conference several years ago.
Dr. Kenny Anthony (left) and Philip J. Pierre at a SLP conference several years ago.

(SNO) — Admitting that Sunday’s protest march in Castries was one of several things that has pushed his party to soon table a motion of no confidence against the administration of Allen Chastanet, Labour Party leader Philip J. Pierre is upbeat that the motion will carry, despite his party’s six seat to the government’s 11 in parliament.

But despite his optimism when speaking to reporters about the no confidence motion on Wednesday, Pierre did not out-rightly say the motion will carry through.

Whatever card the Labour Party is playing in bringing such a motion to parliament, seeing that the motion could be easily defeated on account of the government having more numbers on its side in the House of Assembly, was not seen at Wednesday’s press conference.

The party however is playing its cards close to its chest. Pierre stated that “Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition will now use the legal tools that are available to us” to indict the government in parliament.

“We are going to bring a vote of no confidence in the government and we are going to tell the government defend itself on the indictments that we have raised against them and each of the 11 parliamentarians will have to stand up and defend the actions of the government,” Pierre said.

According to him, the constitution allows for such a thing a day after general elections, and has no time limits to when such an indictment could be made.

“We are saying that based on the behaviour and posture and actions of the government we think it necessary for Her Majesty’s opposition to indict the government in the House of parliament before it is demolished,” Pierre said, adding that his party is presently preparing the motion.

“We are going to send it to the speaker, and from that point, it depends on the speaker to give us a date to hear the motion,” Pierre said.

However, the United Workers Party (UWP) in the meantime appears not to be amused by the Labour party’s motion calling it “ludicrous and without merit”.

“It is absolutely mind boggling when all credible evidence suggests that the UWP government is rectifying the deplorable state in which it found Saint Lucia after being returned to office, by an overwhelming majority, following the June 6, 2016 elections,” noted the UWP in a statement Wednesday.

“It is clear that the SLP has no desire to respect the wishes of the electorate, and continues to pursue a course of denial and total disregard for the will of the people,” the statement added.

The UWP then went on to show evidence of St. Lucia’s economic recovery, with record numbers in tourist arrivals, a reduction in unemployment, the reduction of VAT from 15% to 12.5%, major road works around the island, and the soon-to-be commenced Hewanorra Airport expansion project, noting that these are signs of a significant positive turn in the management of the affairs of state by the UWP government.

“Lamentably we see another shameless attempt by the SLP to sully the image of our island around the world with baseless threats and fear mongering. This threat of a vote of no confidence is merely political posturing by the SLP and will be embarrassingly defeated whenever it is submitted,” the UWP noted in its statement, ending with “the people of Saint Lucia spoke loud and clear on June 6”.


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  1. What is the next press event for the SLP? Is it a vigil to complain against or to praise the next sunrise?


  2. I feel sorry for y'all. Blind as a bat. He who have eyes to see, let him see; he who have ears to hear, let him hear.

    From my out post I feel sorry for all you JACKASSES. No wonder why y'all made that JACKASS MISTAKE. HE REAFFIRMED THAT BY CALLING YOU ALL "JACKASSES".



  3. See what SLP has joined forces with. Very smart. SLP has found new blood. A representative of the international narco industry.

    SLP has found new blood. They have discovered an also-ran who can not get more than a hundred voters to vote in favour of that candidate.

    Oui mamma! Green is the new red.




  5. Why has it taken so long to table: "A MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE", and if fellow St Lucians on the UWP side love their country and want to continue to have the freedom of their country - they will support the motion and save OUR COUNTRY. We will love you for that and your names mentioned in our proud history.

    Dumb PM, VAT down from 15% to 12.5%; but the 12.5% is applicable on a wider range of goods and services, typical political trick - WE ARE NOT JACKASSES AS YOU CALL US! We are better than your type any day, ask your historians and all those who have enslaved us and are hiding our REAL history and identity. Co-shoun blanc! Get out, BIG MISTAKE, WE DO NOT WANT YOU OR YOUR KIND, you all have ridden on our backs long enough.

    VAT down to 12.5%, but the annual VAT bill (total VAT paid annually) for any one person in a year would be paying out more in VAT under 12.5% because VAT applies to a wider range of goods and services, than under the 15% system - when VAT applied to a narrower range of goods and services; where as before you could avoid VAT (based on what you buy) but now it can't be avoided, more of what you buy is now vat-able.


    • You are so IGNORANT of the basic civic issues involved in a no-confidence motion. The population outside of parliament can do precious little to affect its outcome, that is, if it is ever entertained by the Speaker of the House of Assembly.

      The SLP does not have the votes to carry their futile motion of no confidence. Their only hope is have enough disillusioned UWP MPs WHO WANT TO TURN OVER THE GOVERNMENT TO THE SLP.

      The SLP are as unprepared for good governance as they were in their last TEN years in office. No sound policies on anything, if we take the S.T.E.P. as their poster child for their most innovative economic policy.

      What is written up there defies by logic. Come on! All of this is just SLP hacking propaganda, trying to make a case for a repeat and extension of their last 10 years as a banana republic. Saintt Lucians of sound mind do not want MADURO government in this country. Go to hell!


      • alright i agree with you, S.L.P aint ready and will never be ready yet to truly govern St Lucia, to make St Lucian's lives better not just their friends, colleges and Family members/ Persons of interest. But you cannot honestly , without being Biased and being just another sheep in wolves clothing, party hack with your own agenda and only caring about your self and profits and the country don't mean jack to you and tell me that the U.W.P are better than the rest or more qualified more suited to govern St Lucia. i mean common man, when will you'll stop the nonsense. which U.W.P the ones that were in office in 2009 when the hospital burnt down, the ones that give direct awards to companies based on friendship and gain rather than being the most suited to carry out the job? Which U.W.P ? the ones who were in power during the banana fiasco(geese) and couldn't see to Make use of its profit while we made profits and use it to uplift Lucia and its infrastructure? Which U.W.P the ones involved along with S.L.P in the St Jude Hospital still not being up and Functioning and have people getting health care in a dilapidated Stadium, all the while 180 million dollars going down the drain, all the funding from banks Institutions and organizations a part of it. I mean seriously Stop the Bloodclat fckrey uh. Which Damn Party we can truly rely on to help improve our lives? people salaries stay the same while the cost of living is sky rocketing , the government that say its for us allowing N.I.C to make millions in profits, so much so, that it can lend the government money while giving u crumbs of your own money if you live long enough to reach the retirement age they increase to make sure u die before u get to claim your own money. How Stupid are you Freaking People man .Jah rasta. All day everyday playing internet bad man and woman, Talking shit instead of holding them crooks accountable and instilling so much fear into them blood sucking creatures, that the name politician is a word that makes them quiver just the thought of it . Lucians boy ya'll upsetting the hell outa me you know.


        • Governments can only give salary increases to the public and civil services. A general wage increase is affordable if the country as a whole is doing well. An unfordable basic minimum wage results in a general wage and salary increase everywhere in the economy. This means an inflationary price increase for almost everything is going to be created just to match and to recover any loss of profit levels by employers and merchants.


    • Well said ! They chanting how they lower the VAT but add it to basic goods that was VAT FREE let them move there ass from there some people can only buy the back not even the whole chicken and they talking like they have uplift poor people. How they fix roads not according to my front end maybe for where there supporters live as if to say is not all walk of life St Lucians using the roads.


      • This shows that you know sweet @###-all about economics and development. You are just as dumb as the leaders of the SLP, even with all their so-called degrees.


    • Yea , but would you be buying all these cross sections of goods that you are talking about at the same time?


  6. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    He gave a mighty shout: "Babylon is fallen - that great city is fallen! She has become a home for demons. She is a hideout for every foul spirit, a hideout for every foul vulture and every foul and dreadful animal."

    –Revelation 18:2


    • Towards the end of their last term, the mendacious SLP leadership looked derailed. It sounded crazy. Now we have living proof that they are off their rockers. They are evidently desperate. They only want power again to do more foolishness and to talk more platform foolishness again. They should pull up a few rocking chairs and savour the benefits of their trades. We hope that there are not more travel bans coming to confirm that there are new fishes caught up in the net.

      With this curious line up of questionable characters, do you think that you are a still a political party? Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.

      Is the SLP seriously thinking of contesting the next elections with these characters?


  7. Road work around the island that's a joke just last week the Chastanet himself was bawling about the deplorable road conditions its hell for folks up in Paro and Belvi and Dennery Revare As for The VAT yes they reduce it but you would never know because they made up the shortfall by doing what ? I rest my case. As for the airport fresh off the Miami Herald Press we alllllllllllll know how that go down already and up to know he can't say who funding the project Lord knows. The health care system is worst I have ever experience from the day I was born No confidence alone (choops chu) that's a understatement.


  8. Well well well . The Labour Party has no shame. WhAt they think people forget what they put us through in their last government. Kenny dictatorship. People could have hardly speak. St lucia was like a prison. Accept defeat until the next elections. With Richard on unalloyed side u all will never win the election.


    • The idiots believe that people will abandon their mortgages and vote for them so that their brainless followers can get more STEP jobs? Those communists had better think. Oh! I forget. Dem doh have too much brains left. The drugs and alcohol have dem brains like Swiss cheese. De mafia join them too? Losers!


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