Labour Party saddened by Oliver Scott’s death

Labour Party saddened by Oliver Scott’s death

The Saint Lucia Labour Party says it is saddened by news of the death of Oliver Scott Sr, who passed away yesterday following a short illness.

“Scott, whose entire life was grounded in the service of others whether as a trade unionist, choir member, free mason or just plain citizen, was a vocal and longstanding member of the Labour Party which he always regarded as the best hope for our country. He was a selfless individual who never sought reward for his contributions. He was a patriot and had little or no time for those he considered did not contribute to the nation’s well being,” the party said.

“He was never one to complain and instead whenever he saw an issue which required repair he would set about the task without a moment’s hesitation.”

“He loved debating, whether as a robust participant or simply as a quiet observer. He was fascinated by the pomp and ceremony which surrounded the Parliament and it was, therefore, no surprise when upon the return to office of the Labour Party his only request was that he be allowed to witness the Parliament’s opening day. We are happy that we were able to accommodate him these past three occasions.”

“The Labour Party will miss Oliver, but we are consoled by the fact that to the end he remained true and loyal to his cause. He has left us with a legacy of dedication and hard work. His faith would have told Oliver that earthly death is not an end but instead a new beginning next to his maker. His own philosophies conditioned him to accept the things which were beyond human control and so even as he was not looking forward to leaving his loved ones behind, he understood its inevitability. He, therefore, accepted death with the same dignity as he lived his life. He was a soldier to the end.”


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