Labour Party calls on Augustin to fess up the facts

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The UWP has a funny way of acknowledging that the SLP is much better than it at most things, even sometimes going to ridiculous lengths to make that point.

Recently, some in the UWP have been ridiculously accusing the SLP – while in Opposition – of causing the US State Department to cancel the US visas of Castries Central MP Richard Frederick.

Then, after Allen Chastanet successfully challenged Stephenson King for the leadership of the UWP, top UWP officials – now in opposition – publicly accused the SLP of instigating division inside the UWP.

Now that more UWPees are opposing Chastanet and his faction following their hostile takeover from Stephenson King and the power struggle is intensifying within, the UWP leadership is again pointing accusing fingers at the SLP.

UWP General Secretary Oswald “Ossie Boy” Augustin is now claiming that the SLP is responsible for the formation of the growing splinter group within the UWP that calls itself FACTS (Flambeau Activists Called To Service).

The UWP splinter group has been increasing its calls for Allen Chastanet to release his choke hold on the party and earlier this week called on Guy Joseph to resign following revelations in parliament about his handling of taxpayers money while serving as a UWP government minister.

The UWP General Secretary, like his leader Allen Chastanet and fellow Flambeau Guy Joseph, know that the SLP is not behind the UWP faction that’s causing them increasing political embarrassment with each passing day.

The UWPees were told way back in time – several years ago – by none other than their former Political Leader and Prime Minister, Dr Vaughn Lewis that “the substance of governance is on Labour’s side.”

Instead of acknowledging Dr Lewis’ admonition, the present UWP leadership is swimming against the strong political tide threatening to drown it from within.

However, General Secretary, Oswald Augustin, should explain to Saint Lucians today, what his role was in preventing the late Sir John Compton from retaining his parking lot in the William Peter Boulevard after the UWP lost the general elections in 1979.

If he is really interested in honesty and truth, Mr Augustin should also admit and explain to the UWP what his role was in opposing Sir John Compton and the UWP, as a ‘cardboard soldier’ and as a candidate of George Odlum’s Progressive Labour Party (PLP) in 1982.

Meanwhile, the UWP General Secretary and Political Leader owe supporters a response to the popular call by the UWP splinter group called FACTS for Guy Joseph to resign his Castries South East seat on account of the exposures made in the House by the current Infrastructure Minister and the condemnation of his actions by fellow UWP MP Richard Frederick.

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  1. Besides you coming with papers after the fact, big deal great then make them available to the media as the Minister did, don´t just wave them on the platform, post them on facebook for all to see like Jadia did. Ozzie boy is like a jouk bois you just dismiss them idiots as non entities taking them on is a truly waste of time.Jouk bois does say what he want, lol. Oz Oz Ozzie bo bo bo bo oy does just stammer and is neither here nor there.

  2. And what de poodle trying dere ¨lets have a debate, on what? oh plz coolie come on. Guy Poodle Joseph you empty as your followers hollow on the inside, the english is atrocious and its mapwe after mapwe. If u´feel that you were slighted take the man to court and prove your point for the Minister must never satisfy your poodle mind...u mad

  3. "Daren" Doesn't matter who is the best at SAYING how the economy is doing. Is either you are a fool or a drunk. Even Vaughn spoke more sense when he was toujour sou. I guess since the Distillery was sold to the Trinis the quality of bounty has not been all that. This is why all you party hacks drinking with him sound so ridiculus. Sober up SLP.

  4. BA the best party to tell u how the economy is doing is the one in power so stop being ridiculous . So do me a favor. Find out how the economy is doin from the slp and share it with us

  5. Amazing how politricks FOOT IN MOUTH disease affect both d parties and d voters doctors have no cure 4 dat cus it's becoming a disability an not a disease

  6. The Labour Ship is sinking if thats a press release yall dropping first thing Monday morning! Seems the Flambeau rally yesterday hit a nerve. Leo, u let that dumb PR go out boss? Julietta I'm sure they taught you better at Grambling. tsk tsk tsk

    • Sinking based on what?

      If there is or was a Flambeau rally, one would suggest it was just a gathering of Flambeaus.

      So no one cares and doesn't point to crap, other than hyping an uneducated crowd to a fairy tale hope that will never surface. And its because none of them want to tell the people the truth, why the Economy is the way it is.

      I am yet to see any REAL assessment and intellectual discussion of the Flambeau Hierarchy on this matter. They keep on playing with the minds of their small followers to see if they can unseat the Government of the day (so they can get jobs for themselves, big-up dem chest, massive salaries,) and of-course ensure more NEPOTISM and corruption is their RULE of the day.

      So NO one cares about the Flambeaus and their gangs of Miscreants.

      Flambeau has failed to live it to the VISION of Sir John Melvin Compton, who worked tireless to bring us where we are today.

      The Flambeau of today is a mess and will never return to the Helm of Power in this Country, until they seat and SPEAK THE DAMN TRUTH FOR ONCE AND STOP THE LIES AND DECEIT, just to sit in air-conditioned offices and chasing little skirts all over the place. 🙂

  7. Them labour people should concentrate on bringing the country back on its feet rather than bickering over ozzie boy statement.

  8. Labour you all are sick to the bone, Is that what you all trying to bring out, What about the 10% pay cut is that true? or 10% public servants cut? employment for the people that's what you need to focus on. Who took Vaughn Lewis in SLP against the support of the rest of the members when you all call him always drunk and Bounty Rum. Give news of substance not crap.

  9. Rome is burning as you'll talk sh.t.
    Explain to St Lucians why you'll so supportive of Russia that you'll abstain from voting at the UN.

    • Then explain why St. Lucia should Vote for the USA (bearing in mind,) the USA destroyed our banana Industry, which was the highest income earner and bread-winner for this island for decades.

      Many of us went to University during this era. But the USA didn't like it and sort to destroy it and St. Lucia (a 238 SQ.Miles) of real-estate.

      Did the USA gave any monetary assistance to our island during the TROUGH, (our now Favourite word.) If you can prove me wrong then i will apologize for this comment.

      What has the USA done for those small islands lately? When they are giving Billions to Pakistan and other countries of Interest to them.

      The USA doesn't care about you, or anyone in those parts, other than manipulative control to muscle their way in.

      Interesting to see, they cower to the Russians. lol.

      The Yanks couldn't even show their military might to a REAL military (Russia.)
      Cowards, but they would bully weak, small, vulnerable countries at will.

      They don't call Russia (the Big Bear,) for NOTHING.

      • Boy you take over Jadia job......You become the mouthpiece for SLP shooting nothing from your political diarrhea mouth soucere. Don't worry STEP soon close then you'll loose your bread and butter.

        • Don't look down on the Families who view STEP as a way to eat in this country, SIR.

          What have you done positively for this country, to help alleviate poverty other than anger and disdain for everything positive?

          Or do you wish to contribute to our over-crowded mental institution once again?.......

      • Is the government hoping to get some money laundering from Russia? Is this why they did not vote?


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