Labour department’s non-intervention leaves Renwick & Co. workers “unprotected” – NWU

Labour department’s non-intervention leaves Renwick & Co. workers “unprotected” – NWU

The National Workers Union (NWU) has penned another letter to Labour Minister Robert Lewis requesting his intervention in dealing with a recognition claim it submitted to his department regarding employees at Renwick and Company Limited.

According to the letter, written by the union’s President General Tyrone Maynard, the unresolved claim has left workers in a “vulnerable” and “unprotected” position, to the extent that some have already been dismissed “with no justification”.

Employees at Renwick and Company Limited joined the NWU in April this year, after which a recognition claim was submitted to Acting Labour Commissioner George Melchoir on their behalf on May 3, 2013.

“While the delay seems to be inflicting more pain on workers, the company has conveniently used the outstanding period to terminate the services of workers without justification. The workers are totally frustrated, feel unprotected by the government’s Labour Act and can no longer maintain their confidence in the Department of labour,” the NWU said in its letter dated August 7, 2013.

“Sir, it must be understood and made abundantly clear that the workers who receive termination notices have mortgages, bank loans and children to feed as well as meet other domestic obligations. I must also point out that should the plight of workers be ignored the time will come when workers no longer access the democratic process but would attempt to take matters into their own hands,” it further stated.

“Please understand that this is no threat to anyone. It is a mood that is beginning to swell on the ground. In the interest of assisting these poor workers we are requesting your intervention,” it went on.

The letter was copied to Melchoir, the deputy labour commissioner, the prime minister and employees at Renwick and Co.

This is the latest of several letters forwarded to the minister on the issue.


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  1. The problem is that the NWU is so full of lies that no one knows when they can be believed. Why do they over-exaggerate everything?! One would think the workers at Renwick were being treated like slave labour when in actuality the Renwicks are very good people and the management is fair. Some of the things the NWU said about the Renwicks was outrageous and pure fabrication. All to get the union dues from the children. Despicable.


  2. We quick to jump and say companies feeling it. What is the "IT" they feeling? What about workers rights? Please note that it is their democratic right to have union representation whether the company feeling "IT" or not. KENNY and TONY have absolutely nothing to do with the way companies treat their employees. No one is blaming Renwick & Company for the economic crisis but please understand as stated before that it is the right of every worker in this country not just the said company. I bet you concerned citizen is part of a trade union or you plan on joining one. If not then you are part of them.


  3. Better days NO ONE CAN BLAME RENWICK AND COMPANY FOR THAT .If the company is feeling it they have to act.Where is KENNY AND TONY .BETTER DAYS.


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