Labour Department investigating Hylyne Poultry complaints

Labour Department investigating Hylyne Poultry complaints

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Labour Department is in formal receipt of a complaint by former workers of Hylyne Poultry Farm Limited and is working with all parties to amicably resolve the outstanding matters.

On February 6, 2020 a senior Officer of the Labour Department met with the representative of the past owners of Hylyne Poultry Farm, to discuss complaints from the former employees and outstanding redundancy payments.

The new owners were asked to submit information on the affected employees for the formal intervention of the Labour Department. Contrary to public reports, there was NO scheduled meeting for February 25, which was however the deadline given to the employer for the submission of the information requested. This submission was made on February 26, 2020 and is currently being reviewed by the Labour Department.

The Office of Labour Commissioner is working closely with the investigating officer with a view to resolving this outstanding matter, as early as next week.

The Acting Labour Commissioner, wishes to reassure the affected workers and general public that this matter will be resolved in accordance with Saint Lucia`s Labour Laws and in the best interest of maintaining a cordial industrial climate.

A further statement from the Labour Department on the matter will be made subsequent to the next meeting with the parties.


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