Laborie to come alive with art and cultural events beginning July 12

Laborie to come alive with art and cultural events beginning July 12
Laborie Steel Pan

PRESS RELEASE – Consistent with its vision of placing arts and culture at the centre of its economic and social development, the Laborie community will over the next four weeks witness and host several important events and performances.

On Sunday 12 July, the Laborie Parish and Labowi Promotions will host a free concert of classical music with the Maturín Chamber Youth Orchestra of Venezuela.

This is one of over 300 orchestras of the Venezuelan System of Youth Choirs and Orchestras internationally recognised as “El Sistema”.This programme promotes the orchestra as an opportunity for personal development, intellectually, spiritually, socially and professionally.

This visit is made possible thanks to the Saint Lucia School of Music, the Embassy of the Bolívarian Republic of Venezuela and the Government of Saint Lucia. This free concert will take place at the Catholic Church at 5pm on Sunday 12 July.

A second concert, also hosted by the Parish and Labowi Promotions, will take place at the Laborie Parish Hall at 7pm on Thursday 30 July, featuring the popular choir JUSTUS, which has already performed in Laborie on four occasions.

This choir brings on stage about 20 young members, many of whom were former members of the Saint Lucia National Youth Choir. This concert will feature a very wide-ranging choral repertoire under the direction of Jason C. Joseph, Ministry of Education Music Specialist who was twice crowned calypso monarch, and of John Paul Bailey former director of the St Lucia School of Music, Bel Canto and the St Lucia National Youth Choir.

The JUSTUS concert will mark the start of anactivity-packed Emancipation week-end that will continue on Friday 31 July with the second edition of FèstenLabowi, the community’s new monthly event that features culture, seafood and Laborie’s unique village atmosphere and hospitality.

It is organised by the Laborie Employment Forum, with the objective of bringing tangible economic benefits to the community.On the following day, the village will host the first edition of Laborie Freedom Mas, a family oriented cultural event that builds on the experience gained in recent years during the hosting of community carnival.

With its costumes, theme bands and selection of music, Laborie Freedom Maswill be “mas with a message”, it will promote an understanding of our history and artistic expression through creative display of various themes relevant to Emancipation Day and to the struggles of Saint Lucian peoples over time.

Meanwhile, every afternoon the sound of sweet steel pan music resonates across the village, as the Laborie Steel Pan is actively preparing for its performance at Panorama 2015 on Friday 17 July, with a song arranged by two of its young members.

The focus of the Laborie Steel Pan is on youth development, and there are currently over 60 children and young adults who train and perform with the band, with the opportunity to engage in a meaningful social activity and to gain pride and self-confidence in the process.

The Laborie Steel Pan has performed on a number of stages and has recorded a number of achievements, including 2nd place at Junior Panorama 2012, 3rd place at Junior Panorama 2013 and 3rd place at Senior Panorama 2014.


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