La Rose – A pillar of the community

La Rose – A pillar of the community

La Rose celebrations came to a close last week with great pomp, colour and the sounds of traditional music. The cultural festival is being hailed for its contribution to national development.

The La Rose Festival which was celebrated August 30, 2013 in the southern community of Vieux-Fort, began with a church service at the “Our Lady of the Assumption Church” which drew a huge gathering.

Delivering his homily to scores of patrons Father Michel Francis says La Rose has aided in building the community noting Vieux-Fort as an example.

“But the history of La Rose actually began in the church.   And those societies helped build churches in the various parishes. So I would not be surprised that the La Rose group at that time helped to build Vieux-Fort Church and many churches around the island. They worked hard because they were church people themselves.    In order that these people helped the church they gave K oudmen I think another value that we need to recapture; of coming together and working together because it has served us well in the past.”

The service was held under the patronage of Her Excellency, the Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy and was attended by many other government officials.

Parliamentary Representative for Vieux-Fort North the Honourable Moses Jn. Baptiste shared similar views with Fr. Michel adding there are opportunities to be derived in marrying the festival with the emerging Creative Industries.

“Coming out from the bosom of the church and the hearts of the people we have developed our own festival something that’s unique. We needed no government to tell us to form groups and form La Rose groups. The church recognized that community groups are important to the survival of a country and to the survival of our culture. Gouvèdman kay kontiné dévlopé sa nou ka kwiyé Creative Industry mé gouvèdman pa sa dévlopé pa kon’y sé festival kon La Woz ki ja ni abilité-a pou dévlopé an se konmin la pou dévlopé. So mwè ka di sa sé an bon bagay”

The La Rose Festival came to a climax near the Vieux-Fort Town Library with thirteen group presentations which featured La Rose societies from Laborie, Vieux-Fort, Castries, Monchy,  Dennery, Mon Repos, Desruisseaux and Choiseul.


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