La Resource Playing Facility to be commissioned on Sunday

La Resource Playing Facility to be commissioned on Sunday


The La Resource Playing Facility will be commissioned on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

The opening ceremony will begin at 5:00 p.m and will be followed by the Finals of the Hon. Shawn Edward (Minister of Youth and Sports) Football Competition.

The new facility will  now boast an ungraded playing field, lights, washroom facilities for the public, changing rooms for teams, storage for management committee and a pavilion of the fans.

This was a join project with the Ministry of Physical Development and the National Lotteries Authority.

New pavilions will also be constructed in the communities of Canaries and Anse La Raye, while ighting fixtures will be installed on four playing other fields.

The playing fields include the Fond Assau  playing field, the Remy Lesmond Sports Complex in Dennery, and the La Fargue playing field in the community of Choiseul.


Photographs: Parliamentary Representative for Dennery North and Minister for Youth Development and Sports, Hon. Shawn Edward lead the Board of Directors of the National Lotteries Authority on a tour of the facility.

(Provided by Press Secretary to the Prime Minister)






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  1. Where is the track that we were promised though? Nice work on the field but still disappointed at another empty promise.


  2. Nice field... great work... again all we hear and see happening on those fields are football games. Its like they dont cater for cricket anymore, why not have a cricket match under the lights to open up the field.

    Most fields now a days dont get constructed with a cricket pitch that's very sad taking the rich history the caribbean has with the sport.


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