La Guerre Wellness Centre officially opens

La Guerre Wellness Centre officially opens
Health Minister Alvina Reynolds at the ceremonial ribbon cutting event to officially open the new health centre.
Health Minister Alvina Reynolds at the ceremonial ribbon cutting event to officially open the new health centre.

PRESS RELEASE – Staff of the Babonneau Wellness Centre joined the residence of La Guerre in breathing a sigh of relief at the re-opening of the La Guerre Wellness Centre on  Wednesday 7th Ocober 2015.

The newly refurbished and expanded facility is  over three time the size of the previous wellness centre at the same location. The facility will serve the communities of Plato, Boguis, Monier, La Guerre and environs.

Chair Person of the Babonneau Constituency Council, Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte stated, based on reports reaching the council’s office, the Babonneau Wellness Centre was overloaded with an increased numbers of persons accessing services at the centre in the absence of the La Guerre Wellness facility.

“This is going to be a very valuable institution. It’s going to play a critical role in ensuring that the people in the immediate surroundings have access…I must say it is a welcomed structure. A welcomed institution and it will serve the people well. Without that wellness centre the people had allot of challenges.” Albert-Poyotte stated.

Executive Director of the Social Development Fund (SSDF), Joachim Henry recalled that the La Guerre facility was established in response to the land slippage in Boguis which rendered the Wellness Centre in that area uninhabitable and created a demand for health services. Thus a La Guerre health outpost was created to provide health service support to the Babonneau Community.

Henry stated the La Guerre Wellness Centre in the last Wellness Centre to be constructed under the the Basic Needs Trust Fund Programme (BNTF).  The BNTF he says now focuses on access, water and sanitation and education.

“The minister really pushed hard to ensure that La Guerre was established under the Basic Needs Trust Fund…The BNTF sixth cycle after about 30 years being in St. Lucia decided to consider this proposal at a cost of approximately EC$744,000.”

The SSDF Director added that great attention was given to designing and acquiring additional land for this major extension of 711 sq ft for the provision of additional health services which already existed at the La Guerre facility.

He noted that the facility now boasts of a client waiting room, reception records area, a doctors office and examination room, a treatment clinic, pharmacy and dispensing booth, a multi-purpose usage office, staff facility lounge, a nursing station, laundry, fencing and storage and a state of the art data network to support the ministry’s Health Management Information System (HMIS).

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Cointha Thomas accepted the keys to the facility from the SSDF Director and indicated that the La Guerre Wellness Centre is outfitted with “top of the line, modern equipment,” and will go on record as having the one of the most advanced Health Management Information Systems on Island.

Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations and Parliamentary Representative for Babonneau, Hon. Alvina Reynolds thanked the residence for they patients and understanding while the facility was under construction.

“The re-opening today of this new, upgraded, well equipped, comfortable environment which will serve your communities is a bigger part of the plan for improving the performance of the health care system in St. Lucia.” Reynolds stated.

The Health Minister added that the health ministry is achieving its goal of improving Primary Health Care . She notes over the the past four years the Ministry of Health has re-opened and augmented the services at a number of wellness centres around the island including, Entrepot, Etangs, Ti Roche Micoud, Ti Roche Castries, Castries Health Centre, Dennery Hospital, extended the Services at the Gros Islet Polyclinic and undertook renovations at the Soufriere Hospital.

“Other centres will follow Anse La Raye is already designed the final details are being worked out with Nipro and offcourse Micoud Village is on next to be constructed. The proposed strengthening of services includes the upgrading of polyclinics or we call it smaller hospitals, Soufriere, Gros Islet, Bois Jolie in Dennery to come, the Castries Urban Polyclinic.” The minister highlighted.

The services offered at the La Guerre Wellness Centre include, antenatal and post natal care, child health clinics, dressings, urgent care before referral to a hospitals, diabetes testing, hypertension clinics, doctors clinic, nutritional counselling, health promotion and education among the many services to be offered.

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  1. It is really something to see so many spelling and grammatical errors in one news piece. I come across them daily on this website from the comments section but it seems to have rubbed off on the editors. Here are just a few:

    1. Plato is actually supposed to be spelt Plateau
    2. Ti Roche is actually Ti Rocher
    3. I assume the word intended to be used was 'alot' and not 'allot'. But even then, that would be incorrect as there is no such word as 'alot'. You can't say 'alittle' or 'abit'. Why say 'alot'? Instead, it should be 'a lot' just as 'a little' and 'a bit'.

    Anyway, it is indeed nice to see that this facility is now open. It will serve residents of the nearby communities such as Plateau, (where I live) well. Hats off to those involved in its opening.


    • The article was written by the Ministry of Health. It is a press release. We do not edit press releases.


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