La Guerre, Babonneau fathers cook-out competition encouraged by executive chef Orlando Satchell

La Guerre, Babonneau fathers cook-out competition encouraged by executive chef Orlando Satchell

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – A cook-out competition participated in by three community fathers in La Guerre Babonneau, was held in observance of Father’s Day on Friday June 22nd 2018.

The Contest which was organized by the Grade 6 Class teacher of La Guerre Primary Krishna Adolph came a week late due to the work schedule of the competing fathers.

According to Adolph, the contest was birthed after discussion with her class students as to what activity they would love to see their father’s participate in for the occasion of father’s day 2018.

She further indicated that the activity also functioned to encourage fathers of the students and community to be fully engaged in and having active involvement in the lives of their children.

The fathers competed for prizes for the best cooked Bouyon using natural ingredients, originality and creativity.

Owner and executive Chef of St Lucia’s award-winning Orlando Restaurant based in Soufriere St. Lucia, officiated as the chief contest judge.

In commenting to the parents and teachers of the La Guerre primary who organized the activity, he encouraged an annual undertaking where a wider cross section of the local community, as well as more fathers, would get together for a friendly competition.



“The contest if developed can also become a mini festival offering an avenue for food enthusiast from nearby communities to get a firsthand professional enhancement to their cooking approach, while members of the community could sample delicacies creatively and expertly prepared by residents,” Satchell said.

Dillon Paul copped the cash prize in addition to dinner for himself and family at Orlando’s. Additionally, Lance Edward followed suite as second runner up and Danny Sylvester followed in the third position.

The competition entries were judged according to the following criteria:

1. Overall impact and plating, 30%;

2. Taste & texture, 30%;

3. Creativity and visual appeal, 15%;

4.Originality & Technique used, 15%, and

5. Hygiene and sanitation, 10%.

During the competition, a number of supporting students, parents and community residents looked on at the proceeding.


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