La Croix man stabbed in the city

La Croix man stabbed in the city

stabbing3A man was hospitalised in stable condition following a stabbing incident on Darling Road, Castries on Sunday, law enforcement officials said.

The victim has been identified as 33-year-old Jonathan Henry of La Croix Maingot, Castries, officials said.

The incident occurred around 1:30 p.m. near the Gros Islet bus terminal.

Henry sustained lacerations to his right hand and back from a knife. He was tranported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance.

The motive for the stabbing is not known and there were no immediate report of anyone being arrested.


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  1. Where is a statement from the the Parliamentary Representative for Castries Central? As the capital sinks further into anarchy where is our Parliamentary Representative?


  2. Broad day light on a Sunday, Lent season, people have no respect for God, no respect for
    anyone; the only Law they understand is the Law-of-the-jungle. Most, if not all of these guys
    have had previous encounter with the Law. They are not afraid they have no respect so what
    do you do? You hear "pass it" do you pass it, or give up and run?.....people of St.Lucia
    I have only one thing to say: find a good praying Church that encourages Bible studies, learn
    to pray "warfare" prayers to protect yourself and your love ones. ST.Lucia and it's people
    are at war - and it's people do not know it, so our common enemy are taking full advantage
    of your lack of knowledge and understanding: Plead the "blood" cover yourself and love
    ones with the Precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ daily. You will feel good inside and
    very confident day by day, you are stronger than anything around you::: Psalm 91......


  3. Wow everyday thing soon ppl going to be afraid of walking the streets ..cannot feel safe in ur own country where else do. You think you going to be safe ...this nonsense need to stop...just start making random check up on the street ppl will say shit treat them like the vency papa just stop the bus especially at night check to see who's carrying weapon ...if y'all killing y'all people what do u expect come on we are all one ...Lucian Helen of the West love the island an respect it


    • Do not agree with you. I would if it was shooting incidents. Most stabbing is because of altercation. Thank God there has been a lull in the gun or gang elated violence.


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