La Croix Maingot School gets “urgent” cleanup and restoration, spearheaded by charity organisation

La Croix Maingot School gets “urgent” cleanup and restoration, spearheaded by charity organisation

Irie Kids Inc., a US-based non-profit organisation that supports and develops programmes for underprivileged children, has come to the aid of the La Croix Maingot School with the support of school officials and the community.

Founder of the Massachusetts-based organisation, Lisa Jarvis, said the organisation is currently involved in the “urgent cleanup and restoration” of the school.

Jarvis said Irie Kids has pledged US$5,000 toward the effort, adding that the organisation has reached out to the Saint Lucian community for assistance and the feedback has been “tremendous”.

“We are working in conjunction with the school principle, teachers and parents who have been left to their own accord by the current Ministry of Education who have yet to respond to our pleas for help,” Jarvis said.

“Much work still needs to be done to be ready for the opening of school on September 4th,” she added. “Members of the community are encouraged to join us in helping create a safe and healthy school environment for the children.”

Members of the public are encouraged to contact local Board members for more information at 721-5182, 487-8284 or write us at [email protected]


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  1. Nice! I remember as a student and later as a teacher I was involved in a number of similar clean up campaigns. We did not wait on the Government or charity, we did it ourselves, even the parents pitched in. That was a way of instilling pride in our surroundings. Thanks to the charity though.


    • They will be finishing up today, Saturday the 2nd. The charity is paying for supplies only, all work is volunteer .


  2. i do embrace the gesture of the clean up campaign by the organization with open arms.i am not going to defend the government by them not been able to do everything for the education sector for there is much to be done and i honestly believe government on their own would not be able to take care of everything due to the mess that present and past administrations has placed themselves in as a country.we need to as a people accept our harsh reality that things are just dread in the country and any form of help we could receive from private and non profitable organizations should be well embraced especially for the benefit of our younger generation which will in future be one day the leaders of our country.if we gonna be siiting there and depending on those ministers to fix every probelm,we would only be doing injustice to our younger ones and ourselves and only remain more backwards.we need to rise above this mentality and move together as one unit in benefit of us all.


    • But then my question is who is going to be responsible for this change if not us as a team and begin to see that it involves us all our kids deserve better if we want them to become great adults and productive individuals we got to set examples Right making sure the schools feels welcoming and safe. It's great to see folks coming together to help and that this should continue this isn't about politics or politicians it's for the future of the country as a whole believe on not this has an effect on the way they see things and we want to encourage each an every kid to reach their full potential
      Happy ? to see that and hope the country keeps coming together as a whole to make a difference no matter how small.


  3. Where and what is the Minister saying, nothing just finding excuses and manipulating the issue as she manipulates her accent, shame on her. It shows that she really does not understand the plight of the poor children of this land, as she seeks to get wealthy. She should take some of the monies in the budget which was increased for garbage collection, and put it towards some of those ventures. Her time will come and alll the accumulation of wealth will result in nothing. The Lord ask that we look after the poor and needy but all of a sudden one greedy pathological lying boy, running the country has influenced some so called intelligent ministers. You all better be careful as it will one day sooner or later come back to haunt you and bite you even harder than what was dished out to the poor.


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