La Corbiniere warns Chastanet against encouraging “breakdown of law and order”

La Corbiniere warns Chastanet against encouraging “breakdown of law and order”
Minister Victor La Corbiniere
Minister Victor La Corbiniere
Minister Victor La Corbiniere

National Security Minister Victor La Corbiniere has issued a warning to United Workers party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet that if he encourages a breakdown of law and order, he will be held accountable.

La Corbiniere told the media on Thursday (Jan.14) that Chastanet cannot be “part and parcel” of a crowd that is becoming unruly and say nothing about it, to his followers.

The minister was referring to Tuesday’s sitting of Parliament, where a crowd was seen gathered outside the building shouting and expressing their concerns about issues affecting them and the country.

He said it was a clear misuse of the privilege of being able to have free expression and demonstrate.

La Corbiniere said under no circumstances would he allow this to continue, explaining that law and order will be maintained, even though this could occur again, since the country is heading into an election year.

The minister agrees that things are already heating up and as such, the Commissioner of Police has already been informed about these issues and asked to take action where necessary.

The senator said Chastanet attracts crowds that tend to lead towards a breakdown of law and order, referring to two recent examples at Parliament and at Soufriere.

While he admitted that Chastanet cannot always be in control of what people do, he believes that the political leader has a responsibility to ensure that his followers follow the criminal law.


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  1. What a shame. La Corbiniere should concentrate and let the St.Lucian people know how he intends to curb the escalating crime in St.Lucia rather than trying to threaten Chasanet and hold him accountable for the removal of posters and placards. This is the return bout. Kenny Anthony have always used that tatic of removing placards in Vieux-Fort and now this shit is back firing on the St.Lucia Labor Party. They are running scared because they can feel it. Their days are numbered. The Labor Party have realized that they cannot continue fooling the people with their gimmicks anymore. This Government have no mercy. We are in a recession and in addition the unemployment rate is still very high and then this SLP government just continues to raise taxes which is just not the right thing to do.


  2. Hold on a minute... Up until this point I thought this man couldn't speak unless it's to take praise and credit for something. A selective mute. He remains quiet about all major important issues and now comes out to make this a case. Let the police handle the crowd. We just want him to do his job .. things have gotten out of control in the island. People are starting to feel unsafe on the island. The nation thinks there is no security.


  3. Carl LaCorbiniere must be rolling in his grave to have such an ignoramus like you as a son. This is called freedom of speech and expression. How can you hold Allen Chastanet accountable for people expressing their disgust with this Labour party government.


    • If only most of our ex-teachers would go back to teaching or had never ever left the classroom, what an extremely great thing that would have been. You will do less damage there. In class, given even bigger dummies than themselves, some teachers can sound extremely smart. Examine the horns. Pity so many of them are allowed to enter elective politics and then unleash upon us such unbearable misery.

      Stop embarrassing yourselves. Call the darn elections. Others =17, and SLP = zero.


  4. The two politicians that I dislike in SLU politicvs are La Corbes and Allen Chastanet. they look so superficial and plastic.


  5. La corbiniere best you shut your bodah. Really and truly! Cause to me you are as useless and pathetic as you look..not to mention cowardly! I can't wait till you idiots are out of office. Under your watch national security has taken a major hit. I wish you would evaporate along with the rest of your money hungry associates


  6. La corbs, the clock is ticking, time is running out. change is coming, tick, tick, tick......................................


  7. St. Lucia is sick and tired of the red tide which brought better days. Time to throw out those vieux negs.


  8. When last did you guys read that piece of legislation past by papa, called the PUBLIC ORDER ACT? Don't think it has been repealed. So stop the rumbling and please check the provisions it contains.


  9. The shoe is on the other foot so now you want to cry fowl. I guess you have never been in any unruly mob by the house of assembly before. Well if the crowd was getting unruly it is left to the police to maintain law and order that is not Chastanet's job. When the new Bridge in Soufriere was being opened, Chastanet went there, he was not invited did Dalson treat him with respect? No all sorts of remarks were hurled at him. Dalson could not control his supporters. Now La cob where else you want the people to vent their feelings if not by the House of Assembly when Ministers walk by.? After all, if their Rep is not paying attention to them, then the only place to let their voices heard is exactly where they way. It has been happening for eons under every administration. Now I think you should take a rest because your senility how now graduated into dementia.


  10. LaCorbs is always deflecting. Chastanet talks about issues of lawlessness affecting St. Lucia, instead of addressing the issues, he issues a veiled threat to the messenger. The DPP highlights issues with the IMPACS report submitted to her, he goes on 90 minutes insinuating that the DPP has ulterior motives. CCTV cameras aren't working, he chastises media personnel for highlighting the issue. See the pattern there!!


    • Instead of addressing the issues of firefighters in 2014 what did her do?.
      Threaten them...that's his typical pattern
      No doubt about it!


  11. People expressing their concerns of issues affecting them to the government whom they elected and this moroon is calling it unruly!!!!! Who the hell do u think you are?.....last time I checked we are living in a democratic community!!!!!


    • SLP sending their drones out once again...The last time i checked, La corbs was never elected by the people.. no wonder he feels he has the right to make them stupid, ignorant and uneducated comments. (" freedom of speech is a privilege")...You're delusional . Arrest people for expressing their concerns with St lucia's poor state of affairs, i;m waiting to see how this will turn out.


  12. La Corbs is big joke. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (fall to the floor). Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (roll) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (hiccups). Gasson, La Corbs, why don't you address the serious crime taking place. This is the one that will run the tourists away.


  13. Oh dear, it's a media blitz today with Claude, LaCorbs, and Kenny. One of them gonna be on Claudi boy's or Sheld show soon. Desperation is a terrible thing. Distraction, distraction, distraction. Anytime things hot in their tail they attacking somebody. Chastanet is their trump card. Losers!


  14. "...the Commissioner of Police has already been informed about these issues and asked to take action where necessary." What instructions have you given to the Commissioner of Police to deal with the increasing crime situation. SMH


  15. Not once have I heard this minister step out and speak about law and order and the crime waves that have continued and worsened under his watch, but a mini gathering of disgruntled St. Lucians has attracted his ire?

    Why does this suggested silencing of disgruntled citizens smack of dictatorial practice?

    The warmed up corpse has been resurrected to silence dissenting voice before the election? Return to your slumber la-cor-be-yah.


  16. This Administration & Party is all about putting its Ministers, Members, Citizenry ... Threats about repercussions if they speak out etc etc ... Its about time something RADICAL happens ... Then they will know The People Always Have The Power !!!


  17. Laba has ruined the country, La Corbs you will be fired soon enough. Since when one person controls the masses, since when that's your role to fool the people?


  18. Hahahahahahaha what a crock. LaCorbs just enjoy the few months you have left in this seat my brother.