La Corbiniere deems recovery of assault rifle ‘troubling’

La Corbiniere deems recovery of assault rifle ‘troubling’
Minister Victor La Corbiniere
Minister Victor La Corbiniere

The discovery of a deadly AK47 assault rifle in Morne Du Don has created some level of uneasiness and started a discussion with regards to what these weapons could be used for.

National Security Minister, Victor La Corbiniere, said while he would not like to comment much on the issue, given the ongoing police investigation, he did admit that it is troubling.

Nevertheless, the minister said the police will continue to be proactive to deal with all aspects of criminality on the island and he would expect the Police Chief to address this issue at some point.

“It is always troubling. I am the Minister of National Security, so I know the landscape and I know what is here and what we have to do to bring in the guns from the streets,” he explained.

But La Corbiniere said it is no secret that high powered weapons are on the island, stating that the police are strategizing all the time, and targeting individuals who they believe have these weapons.

“But it’s a cat and mouse game. The criminals are the more educated type of criminals. They are not the average criminal that you saw 30 years ago. They too are strategizing to try to beat law enforcement.”

However, the minister pointed out that some progress is being made, although “it’s slow and painful”. But the Police Force, he said, continues to be very committed in trying to ensure safety for citizens.

La Corbiniere had said that the importation of illegal firearms here, is mostly linked to the drug trade.

The high power rifle was discovered by police in an abandoned building on Monday.


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  1. What I find very troubling is that individuals complain and condemn the government for lack of effort. When they try they are then condemned because their efforts with no bring about results. Are we becoming a nation of people who complain for complaining sake.
    Do we even think of offering a counter idea as a form of remedy if we disagree with a suggested idea. Do we realize that we are part of the government and must fulfill our role in order for the government to work effectively?


    • Boy smart people do not talk the crap that you have there about government. You elect people who boast of having unrevealed ideas of moving this country forward. If they give you just empty talk like you shooting shate here, one has to criticize them. Like you, they are full of hot air and nothing more.

      How can you be part of government, and the government does everything without consultation? So the PM is the smartest bloke on the planet earth, now? How comes it that he and his ragtag government is making so many empty promises one after another, backed up by so many mistakes? Why are so many Saint Lucians so dumb?


  2. ALL of SLP in and out of the party are clueless idiotic misfits for political ministerial office. They make one vapid empty statement after another in the pretense that they are doing something. When examined closely and with a keen eye, all of this vanishes into a lot of nothing.

    We have just seen the GG again marginalized as with the Grynberg Affair. An award scheme with national coverage was politicized for personal gain. A mere minister, a mere minister again usurped the constitutional power and role of the GG. This is fast becoming the norm for the SLP. Why would criminals follow the law when ministers are flouting the highest law of the land, namely the constitution.

    The minister in an election year unfairly "claimed" agency for rewarding persons for deeds done which that minister had no hand in creating, influencing or facilitating. Only fools cannot see through this dishonesty and cleverness. Not wisdom. Just cleverness.


  3. This man is irrelevant....Sometimes we should not complain about the things we get,,We voted these Idiots. .....


    • Not known to have ever grown a spine. Not ever and not yet. Have known this bloke for quite a while now. All he speaks is the usual SLP tosh and does so quite effortlessly. There is no distinction between the credentialed SLP from top to bottom and its legions of created dependent yard-fowls waiting and cackling for political crumbs like STEP.


  4. This man is the most flaccid excuse of an AG that I have witnessed in my brief time on this earth. I honestly see this man as a simpleton. He has done absolutely nothing major in his tenure. The man even lacks basic personality. Nobody would ever vote for this dry individual.


  5. You are so right REDEYE!! Well said. Very well said. Wish I could like that comment 10 times.


  6. What's troubling Mr.Cobs is how right I was on the magnitude of cluelessness you possess...there are far worse weapons on island...that's a fact....can you not remember that little prick who boldly stated on tv...we have guns too? think he was all talk?....not a chance.


  7. restore confidence !!!
    all this statements are paper tiger announcements. Take the bull by the horn like they clean up in the Philippines, see there way of restore confidence. If the country is safe more tourist will arrive, people have more jobs, the economy will benefit.


  8. The problem these days is that the line between law enforcement and crime are becoming blurred.


  9. AA. St. Lucia have AK-47 ratata gun. Did it get here as a complete weapon or were the components smuggled in over a period of time for eventual local assembly into a functional weapon? Now the police must find the AK-47 ammo before the magazine is loaded.


  10. Why is the Minister of National Security always commenting on issues that he shouldn't? As far as I am concern he should focus and comment on what his ministry should be doing to enable the RSLPF to fight crime. He shoukd be focusing on policy issues. The RSLPF should be the ones ccommentin, he Mr La Corbiniere should do his job and stop playing the role of Commissioner of Police.


    • Not when you put in a gorgor policy commissioner who can barely string two sentences together. La Corbiniere has no special skills, yet has managed to make it into every labour administration, when elected members from CANARIES have never been given a ministry. Vote DOMINIC FEDEE, THE DUDE WHO WILL GET A MINISTRY, AND CERTAINLY NOT YOUTH AND SPORTS.


  11. Troubling?
    The most troubling thing in this whole crime and police issues and national security and justice in St. Lucia is Philip La Corbinere


  12. lol I ain't mind voting labour but to think this guy is a minister. No way. waste of time.


  13. This guy is a cruel joke. He should have increased the penalty for illegal weapons years ago. I am talking 15_20 years. Even if he had to release some nonviolent criminals to make room for the street crap. The criminals have no fear because he eh have deterrence in place. There is no fear because there is no deterrence.


  14. LaCorbinierre is one of the so called 'best and brightest' that continue to take us for fools.
    So what happened to the hundreds of millions of dollars you all spend on 'internal security' and the safety of our citizens?

    Kenny and Phillip and you do not understand that management is not just about borrowing a billion dollars and just throwing it at the economy.
    You actually have to have plans and some pronciples behind the spending -- and you have none.

    All you and Kenny do is try to see how you can stay in power. That is not leadership and benefits only you and not Lucians.


    • The millions only covers salaries and building rental from their minions and not actual investment in National Security.


    • I want to know if this guy watch news to listen to the bull he said. How can u make the criminals think they are better than the police. He speaks poorly out the police just like Kenny. Your job is not to make statements on issue like this but to make the funds and support really available to the RSPF. I am so disgusted by mate statement


  15. never heard a national security minister speak so much bull like the prime minister as if they live on another planet


  16. What educated criminal leaves a high powered rifle in an abandoned building for any Tom,Dick or Harry to find?
    Does that make sense to anyone? The building was clearly not "abandoned"!! The gun owner was probably not far away!!
    The Police were so excited to find the gun that they didn't think of how they would find the owner! They should have at least left the gun there and waited (in hiding of course) to see who would come to collect!!


  17. You speak as though you never knew these rifles exist in St. Lucia. That is why when the police are sent out especially on a raid, they have to always watch their backs because all these high powered weapons can be used by the criminals. The criminals have said openly they have more guns than the police.


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