La Corbiniere concerned about threat of ISIS

La Corbiniere concerned about threat of ISIS
National Security Minister Victor La Corbiniere.
National Security Minister Victor La Corbiniere.

National Security Minister Victor La Corbiniere said he has serious concerns as it relates to the threat the Islamic State (ISIS) poses to the Caribbean and Saint Lucia.

La Corbiniere noted that the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) free movement of persons within the region, could create a greater challenge than usual.

But despite this, the minister explained that Saint Lucia is constantly monitoring the situation, both in relation to local information and those received from sister nations.

Advanced training for members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has already taken place, while the capacity of the Force is also being developed.

A top United States general has expressed deep concern that a small number of motivated ISIS fighters could commit acts of terror in Caribbean nations.

General John Kelly, commander of the Miami-based US Southern Command, or SouthCOM, said about 150 Islamic extremists left the Caribbean region to join ISIS fighters in the Middle East last year, about 50 more than in the previous year.

However, he said, the biggest threat might not be the extremists who leave to train and fight with the Islamic State, but the ones who stay behind.

Kelly, who oversees US security in Latin America the Caribbean, said Islamic extremist groups seem to have a new message for would-be jihadists.


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  1. Yeah! A good way to start is to stop giving citizenship to people you don't know (CIP), and then you will start reducing your risk profile.


    • Hence the reason I have always been skeptical bout that CIP business, some of those guys are ISIS loyalists. Please STOP the practice Mr. PM!

      Let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord...KJV.


    • These little grown-up SLP children, all of them greying, but none of them showing any signs of having any greater wisdom than little children. Poor Helen, her grown-up children still need the protection of her skirts.


  2. How about you express more worry on the individuals so willingly and freely able to pass drugs and washed monies right under your nose. There is an influx of wealth being shared in one set of people on the island it trickles down to the far-less wealthy to keep their silence and to keep their cheeks turned the other way.


  3. And yet still y'all give diplomatic immunity to a Saudi national; a man from a country that was complicit in ISIS takeover of North Iraq. You scared? You eh see scared yet!




  5. I'm sure ISIS will soon know that favours, power , protection and influence can be bought in St. Lucia. No doubt that if one Saudi can do it... then others will follow. The US, our close neighbours the French and the UK need to keep a close eye on St. Lucia as it possibly becomes a rogue, pariah nation and comprises their security. They would also do well to dig deep into the past of the heir apparent.


  6. This guy is walking around in a trance. Is Kenny indebted to him or something, this guy has been on leave from the day he was appointed.

    Yet Kenny Anthony refuses to hold the fire to his feet. Then again its high time the voters start holding a bonfire to the Politicians feet.

    No where did i put these marshmallows again, elections is near.


  7. You have serious concerns about that threat and we have CIP?
    In the face of global security concerns I hope you'll know what you'll about.


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