La Corbiniere committed to fighting police corruption

By SNO Staff

National Security Minister Victor La Corbiniere.

National Security Minister Victor La Corbiniere has admitted that there is some level of corruption within the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) and said he is committed to having them weeded out.

La Corbiniere said while this may be the case for some officers, the RSLPF is a good institution and has people who on the other hand are committed to serving their country.

The minister’s comments comes in light of reports that three police officers were recently charged for financial irregularities unearthed at the Richfond Police Station.

La Corbiniere said he will not interfere with the investigations, but noted his commitment in fighting corruption at all levels to reduce the chances of it getting out of control.

The three police officers were formally charged in connection with the disappearance of approximately $4,000 from the Richfond Police Station in Dennery in 2010.

The missing funds are monies from maintenance and commitment warrants.

One officer who was charged with false attestation, could serve a maximum of two years behind bars if convicted.

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  1. This man is lost and totally unaware of his responsibility as minister. do us a favour and weed out yourself along with kenny and company.

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  3. Corruption starts with this junk. Time will tell. The laziest thing alive. Gets paid at the public's expense for pretending to work. His arse too scared to work I suppose.

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  5. Good Luck - as a visitor to the island I see a lot of shit - and most is dished out by disgruntled cops or even worse rent a cop (see mall cock) with a gun totally untrained threatening people just for walking past them and sticking up for the local protected knife thugs.

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  7. I would like to see how you do that what corruption starts at the highest level. Everyone is spotless and pointing fingers until they are caught themselves. What about those like yourself who bend all the rules for your friends and its only when its a poor man with no clout then the have to follow rules and regulations. Same old bs talk, talk, talk. Corruption you say? Smh only way to stop it is by first looking in the mirror you people in authority

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  9. Corruption starts with judges going down, just like shit goes downhill. Money makes the mere fly and it's only those caught gets branded.

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  11. I wish I had a job like that and get a fat pension too.

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  13. Nothing will happen, corruption is rife in all departments.

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  15. Will someone fire this moron?

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  17. i'm tired of this ghost la corb.

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  19. I think he can start with the Cabinet of Ministers There is a Jack W in every Parliment in the Caribbean

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  21. Isn't getting paid and doing nothing a form of corruption. Robbing the public coffers. Sorry sir but we need to weed you out!!

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  23. so what about the the alleged embezzlement
    by the government...shouldn't you weed out those corrupt ones as well?

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  25. keep your culture!!

    good on you for taking a stance!! they must realize their job is to serve a protect!!

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  27. how is this guy still a minister? smh


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