La Corbiniere: Francis trying to ‘score cheap political points’ over forensic lab re-opening

La Corbiniere: Francis trying to ‘score cheap political points’ over forensic lab re-opening
Left to right: Minister La Corbiniere, UWP member Hermangild Francis.
Left to right: Minister La Corbiniere, UWP member Hermangild Francis.

United Workers Party (UWP) member, Hermangild Francis, has been accused of attempting to score cheap political points as it relates to statements he made about the re-opening of the forensic lab.

Minister of National Security, Victor La Corbiniere, said that he is not going to encourage any debate, on any of the issues Francis has talked about, but is prepared to engage him on a political platform.

“He is running an election. He is looking to score political points. And unfortunately in some instances there are very cheap political points. I am not going to encourage very much debate on any of these issues,” he stated.

La Corbiniere claims that some of the statements made by Francis are not in keeping with “even his better judgement, when he was a police officer. So I am not about to engage him at that level.”

Francis had urged the minister to provide a detail explanation as to what led to the sudden closure of the forensic lab at Tapion, before it is re-opened, and to release the lab investigation.

The UWP member had said some of the things that happened at the forensic lab, should not have been allowed to happen and it was an indictment on the part of the minister, to say that he was unaware of what was taking place.

He also believes that the public should not only be made aware of the investigation, but the minister  should say whether anybody was responsible for the breach in protocol.

Meanwhile, La Corbiniere said plans to get private ownership of the lab has not worked out because of the expense that was involved in terms of what was being negotiated.

“But I have said we have started partial re-opening of the lab and a lot of work has been done in that regard. I can’t give a definitive date for a full re-opening, but I can say to you that we will be moving incrementally.”

The closure of the forensic lab had affected the work of the Police Force in several ways.


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  1. Useless and clueless...a waste of a ministerial post. "Poor jab" he should take your advice, it would be the best thing for St.Lucia!!!


  2. When a man who has no clue about what he is supposed to be doing is given a job of this importance because he is one of the boys, it clearly shows that this government has no concern for safety of the citizens of this country. By their actions we see that criminals are so confident that they won't be caught that they have gotten bolder and practically jeer at our police. This man has no concern for the safety and security of the people of this country and rather than come out and give us the required explanations he just keeps his arrogant mouth shut. #noforensiclabnovote


  3. Every time I see La Corbiniere, it's an opportunity to laugh. Here he goes again! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Big joke.


  4. La corbiniere just answer the questions Mr. Francis is asking, why do you want to engage him on a political platform? Is it because you will feel safer in the company of your men in red You cannot give the answers to Mr. Francis's questions because you have no clue in what went on. You look sick and tired, your eyes look at though you have not slept for days, you can hardly keep your eyes open you look dead beat with bags under your eyes. La Corbiniere do yourself a favor give up the job it is too much for you to handle. Stay home and rest yourself. You might live a little longer


  5. A FORENSIC lab suddenly collapsed and closed down for the last year, so whats cheap and political about that Mr. La corbinere? That just shows how serious the Minister is.

    La corbinere himself says the lab is under criminal investigation, the public have heard nothing about it and he himself says he has no update so how can such a lab under so much suspicion reopen any time now.

    Will the public and a court be convinced of the authenticity and reliability of results from a place under confusion and a criminal investigation.


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