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La Clery man busted with firearm and ammunition

By SNO Staff

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Monlouis (left) and a 9mm pistol (not the one mentioned in the article below)

Police have arrested and charged a La Clery resident for the illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Maverick Monlouis, 31, was arrested by traffic unit patrol officers after they discovered a 9mm pistol with eight rounds of ammunition during a search of his vehicle along the Balata-Agard road in Castries. on Sunday, Dec. 3, around 2:30 p.m.

Monlouis was charged and taken to court this week, where he was ordered remanded in custody until Dec. 19.

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  1. Was a few years ahead of me in SMC, i thought he stopped doing that street shit too bad

  2. Went to st Mary's college together with me.bright boy. .however that's his second time getting arrested for that same crime

  3. Great job officers.of the traffic unit. .continue the good work

  4. Guns are not cheap, so who are supplying our young children with those guns.? where are they coming from and stop the gun running business. Keep am eye on the Arabs , and the police.

    • The guns are not as expensive as you is more expensive to buy a legal firearm than one that is illegal.

  5. One you have drugs you will find guns they go hand in hand. The guns are coming from South America with the drugs and others are coming from South Florida, Texas, and Atlanta in barrels, appliances, and cars. Reduced concession on barrels this month Merry Christmas

  6. he looks uneducated but he carries a firearm get your ass a JOB

  7. Steven,
    There are tools that can handle some of the trade. They can use unsealed indictments like used in the U.S. and various other countries. Essentially, that person shipping the illegal weapon that is discovered by customs, does not know he is being charged. Next time he arrives at the airport on his vacation... kaboom he is screwed. Working closely with U.S. Law to get extraditions. After a couple extraditions, just see what happens.

    • Re: Poule Foo , Highly appreciated for this info. at least the problem is being addressed . But I tell you, we are dealing with a new breed of people all over the world, its just chaos . May God give the administration the necessary courage to fight the battle. Thanks.

    • Choops stop watching TV series boy...mule!

  8. Government and people in the Caribbean countries need a Plan in dealing with " FIRE ARMS " . Guns don't drop out of the Air like " BIRD POOP " . Some source or people take them illegally into the country so it can be sold to criminals.
    It has long being known that the entry of such weapons comes through : Trans-shipment source, Luggage on Planes, ships , private Fisherman taking them under the " BOTTOM OF FISHING BOAT " in plastic bags , then it is taken off in the night or early morning. Barrels, Equipment , Tv. Fridges, and many other home appliances.
    Government needs to " BORDER LINE " the sea for proper supervision , to prevent force entry. People have a right to live freely in their country with out fear. If there is corruption in the higher authority lets deal with it, get it out the way. Fighting crime !! the community must be involved too. BE THE VISION OF THE POLICE FORCE.

    • Did you hear the man Diaspora !! STOP PUTTING THE GUNS IN THE BARRELS. St Lucians mashing up their own country nobody else.


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