La Bayee man dies after hitting head on window

La Bayee man dies after hitting head on window


A man in his late 40’s met his demise today (Thursday) in what appears to be an unusual incident.

The man who has been identified by his alias, ‘Junior’ from La Bayee, Bexon was drilling a hole in a wall for his neighbour, around 10 a.m., when the incident occurred.

It is reported that upon completing the task on the inside, the man then ventured outside to a window.

According to a source, Junior attempted to jump up to the window, to continue working. However, while doing so, the man hit his head against the window and fell to the floor.

“When they went to revive him, he was breathing really hard, after falling to the ground. The ambulance took a while to come. There was already no pulse” the source told St Lucia News Online (SNO).

He was later taken to hospital and pronounced dead by medical doctors.

A post-mortem is scheduled to take place, to determine the cause of death.


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  1. First of all he wasn't jumping from anywhere. Whatever he was doing he needed a ladder but the one he got wasn't tall enough to go all the way. He hoist his body to get higher in doing that he hit his head the force he used made the impact of his head against the wall deadly and he fell to the ground . And it true when someone has fallen it not wise to move them,you might be doing more damage, oohing that should be done in that case was to perform CPR, more ppl should learn to do it because it could save a lot of lives. Lastly the emergency system sucks . Especially the tow losers who call themselves emt .A call came about an accident they came in strolling in with the wrong stretcher ,no neck brace nothing that look like they were going to save someone. As far as I understood these two particular guys are known screwups who don't belong in that field. As soon as find out their names it will be posted so the ppl of St.lucia can know who they are.


  2. It is concerning that our men are slowly depleting at an alarming rate. This is not good, already the ratio of men to women is at an imbalance.
    Let us help to preserve our men of St.Lucia. If you are a mother a sister a daughter do your best to support our men, listen to their grieviances where there is depression divert them to the right sources of help. WE ARE OUR BROTHER'S KEEPER LET US WORK TOGETHER.


  3. A Picture's worth a thousand words. He looks like a good family man. My condolences to the family.


  4. So condolences to his family. This goes to show us that we should really leave everyday like it's our last.... Love everyone


  5. So u mean to tell me there was no one in the community that had a vehicle to take the poor guy to the hospital. People always like to blame the ambulance for taking a while which is true they do most times but if there are vehicles around at least someone can use their common sense and initiative and get help to bring the man to the hospital, most times you can even get the ambulance on the way.


    • I also think more people should learn CPR,( instead some instances, standing there videoing and taking photos). Lives could be saved, lots of people seem to have this selfish attitude "Pas Moi",
      condolences to the poor man's family.


    • Do you know anything about resuscitating people. Sometimes it's best you leave the people where they fall especially if you don't know what is happening. BTW rush to which hospital? Victoria? Really? His chances at Victoria were just as bad as leaving him there.


      • If you are referring to me I am a nurse trained in the UK where it is common for children in schools, persons in workplaces etc to be trained in CPR and basic first aid. For example did you know that a lot of persons in accidents die from lack of oxygen? Just opening their airway i,e tilting their head back and checking in the mouth for obstructions, could save a life.


    • It is not advisable to move injured persons as one may not know the level of the injury sustained. I know in St. Lucia we love to help but in such cases we may cause more damage or injury to the injured. Also one can be sued for moving the person if the one who is helping is not trained in first aid. Just saying


  6. Oh oh! how sad! Life is so short and unpredictable. My condolence to his family and friends.


  7. Unusual deaths all of a sudden. Falling from a mango tree, now this. It is just unusual.


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