La Bas Beach clean-up successful

La Bas Beach clean-up successful


The La Bas Beach in Marigot is much cleaner, thanks to members of the Marigot Bay Water Taxi and Vendors Association and the newly formed Marigot Environmental Club, who had clean-up exercise on Monday (August 17).

The group was also assisted by volunteers from the Global Volunteers group, based out of the USA.

The clean-up which began at 8:30 a.m., concluded later in the afternoon.

President of the Marigot Water Taxi and Vendors Association Susan Beckwith said, “It was well attended, mainly by younger people from the community, whom all care about their environment, the beach is now beautifully clean and we intend to keep it that way.”

“We would like to extend thanks to everyone that contributed their time and supplies to the clean-up,” she added.

The team was also given support from various local businesses and private individuals as well as Castries South Member of Parliament Dr. Robert Lewis

The clean-up was aimed at making the beach “a cleaner, safer place for both locals and tourists alike.”

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  1. Thanks guys and gals for your hard work.

    Those idiots trashing our beaches, please think twice before you toss your trash...someone is cleaning your filthy mess.


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