Sea Island Cotton Shop to feature local designer

Sea Island Cotton Shop to feature local designer

PRESS RELEASE – The idea to feature a local designer at our flagship store has been one that has been floating around from some time now.

We carry a wide range of local products at Sea Island Cotton Shop, from Prints by Christopher Cox to hand painted craft pieces by Genny Capers , dolls, cocoa sticks, rum cakes and prize winning sauces of Baron Foods. However, we have never done a fashion collection.

So why now? Timing, as most would agree, is everything! As a company, we have grown and developed in our retailing expertise for 37 years, where we are now more and better able to assist our local designers in the marketing and retailing of their merchandise locally and internationally.

Having worked closely withthe organizers of the greatly successful Hot Cotour, we have come to meet some fantastic designers, who, despite their great art, are finding it hard to find showcase mediums for their work.

We’ve all seen the designs and can agree that what we produce right here, is of world class standard, so it is with pleasure that we are partnering up with these local designers, not only to showcase their art, but to broadcast the work of our people to the world.

To this end, we brainstormed, streamlined, and came up with one designer which we thought would be ideal for an October feature – Ms. Sharleen Lagon of Jaeylu Designs.

Her portfolio reflects an infusion of Creole and high fashion, and from our very first meeting, we were in love with the concepts Sharleenpresented.

From the initial meetings in early June, we knew that this collection would compliment Sea Island Cotton Shop and more importantly, meet with the approval of our customers.

We left the meeting feeling more than content about the offering, however, as true retailers at heart, we wanted something more, and what better way to compliment fashion than with a bag – a Meme Bete bag that is; and Tarriba of Meme Bete was only a phone call away.

As with Sharleen, we met with Tarriba, and introduced to her the concept of creating a collection to be in sync with the collection of Jaeylu.

She assured us that after seeing the Jaeyle collection, she would put together a line to compliment. So said, so done, we had a bag collection, perfectly matched to our fashion, a few weeks later.

This collection, to be launched on October 4th, 2014, is a true infusion of St. Lucian culture. as well as St. Lucian progress. It is a true reflection of our people and our traditions. We expect a very receptive and positive response from our customers as we put out the “best of the best” for Creole Month.

We do invite everyone to come view the collection, available to the public from October 4th, 2014 from 9:00 am at Sea Island Cotton Shop in the Baywalk Mall. Designers will be present to meet and greet from 11:00 am to 2:00pm.

For more information on the collections, like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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