KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Belle Vue committee to host legal forum on issues affecting residents

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Belle Vue committee to host legal forum on issues affecting residents

Standing firm in its belief that ignorance of the law is no excuse for criminal activity and that many conflicts arise within families and the broader society due to ignorance of the law, the Belle Vue Development Committee has announced that it has organized a legal discussion on Thursday, September 26, 2013 with its residents from 6:45 p.m. at the Human Resource Development Centre in Belle Vue, Vieux-Fort.

According to a press release, a lawyer from the community, Dawn Lay Moyston, will address pertinent issues relating to the criminal code of Saint Lucia.

“More specifically she will address legal issues relating to wills, human rights when dealing with the police, family land disputes and consumer rights,” the release added.

Following Lay’s presentation, the audience will be invited to ask questions in keeping with the topic for the night.

“Consequently, we are extending an invitation to everyone from Belle Vue and Vieux-Fort North to attend this very important discussion. It is hoped that after this activity residents will be more empowered to deal with issues pertaining to their rights when interacting with institutions of the society,” the release stated.

The Belle Vue Development Committee believes that it is imperative to increase the knowledge and understanding of people from Belle Vue and Vieux-Fort North on certain aspects of Saint Lucia’s criminal code.

“As citizens of Saint Lucia, we are born with a set of rights that are afforded to us by the constitution. Despite such constitutional privileges many Saint Lucians find themselves in situations where these rights are not up held by the police, corporate firms and other citizens. This sad and unfortunate situation sometimes results in crimes being committed, human rights infringements and psychological stress for the victims,” the Committee stated in the release.


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  1. At least the PR of this group from Belle Vue could have spelt the name of the lawyer correctly. I find this disrespectful to Mrs. Dawn Lay Moyston


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